Horses, Cake and Christmas Trees {Ordinary Moments Week 49 – 29/11/15}

The transition between the end of November and December is an interesting time in the Cook household. We have 2 birthdays on the 30th November and ever since J arrived on it I’ve been fiercely protective of the date, ensuring that it’s not overwhelmed and overtaken by Christmas

I love everything about the festive month but over the last couple of years I’ve noticed that Christmas keeps arriving earlier and earlier and I saw several friends on social media with their trees up in mid-November. Call me bah humbug but it’s a bit early isn’t it?

As we were away in Somerset on the hubster and J’s birthday weekend we decided to hold a small get together at a local indoor soft play followed by cake and games at our house on the 5th December for J with family and friends. We agreed that this was the cut off date for birthday celebrations and on the Sunday we would be putting the Christmas tree up

Friday night arrived and the hubster still hadn’t baked a cake for J’s party which was surprising as the last couple of years he’s made it his ‘thing’. He’s made a Makka Pakka one for her first birthday and a Frozen castle for her 2nd birthday so determined not to miss this year I had a quick google and settled on a simple ‘3’ cake before heading to the supermarket on Friday night for the ingredients

We started baking at 6pm on the Friday, and after a couple of mishaps (the hubster forgot to put butter in the first batch – they smelt and looked like baked pancakes! – gross!) we finally finished and iced them at 12:30am. Considering it was so late and last minute (and how utterly rubbish I am at baking) we were really impressed with what we made and were looking forward to J’s reaction on Saturday afternoon

Saturday morning bought with it madness. Anyone who has ever had a party or event at their house will understand the need / want to have the house spotless, even if it is going to be demolished by a bunch of crazed kids hyped up on sugar and requiring a full reset afterwards! We like to split up when there’s a need for a reset and so the hubster set to work on it whilst I took J out to meet one of my colleagues who has a couple of horses and had offered her a ride on them

We arrived a bit later than expected but she had a helmet and stirrups all set for her and off we went. The horse wasn’t overly enthusiastic at being out in the cold and we only managed a short walk but J did so well and really loved it, plus it gave the hubster some much needed time. On the way home she asked if she could go again and thankfully my colleague is more than happy for her to come along. I’ve said to J that next time and any time after that we’ll help her out with the mucking out and grooming. I sense a few expensive horse years ahead!


After we finished prepping the house and food we rushed to meet everyone at soft play and it was so nice seeing J run off with her cousin and friends. She really had a great time exploring and I’m still getting used to her not wanting our undivided attention when there. I’m sure this is the point when people start wanting their children to remain dependant on them after so many months of encouraging independence

The late afternoon on Saturday saw 11 of us back in my tiny house with party food, gingerbread man decorating, pass the parcel and doh-nutters before finishing off with the finale, the cake! Everyone also seemed to be impressed with our efforts and big slices went to every guest and even more leaving with them. I snapped away getting as many shots as I could, having forgot the SLR the weekend before, and I’m so chuffed with the below shot of J


J was as good as gold, but we were all knackered and at 6pm everyone left to go home. Shortly afterwards we put J to bed, leaving me the final task of the day, putting the tree and lights up. This year something possessed us (possibly related to me dropping several not so subtle hints!) to buy a new Christmas tree and we opted for a 7ft one!

It’s not the most amazing tree in the world, but it’s bushier and way taller than the last one! Although I work in safety I’m the person you see mocked on adverts wrapped up in lights and beads, and this year was like no other with several rolled eyes from the hubster. I am so pleased I managed to do it all the night before as J would have been climbing the walls in the morning waiting to decorate it

The hubster and I share lie-ins – I get Saturday and he gets Sunday. Typically, J was up at 6am on Sunday morning, so what better thing to do than decorate said Christmas tree. Several hundred baubles later, lots of tinsel and a gold star (which J and I had scoured several shops in the week looking for!) we were all set

My Christmas tree looks everything but a designer tree, in fact to some it probably looks tacky but I love it, it’s full of momentos including a Mickey and Minnie bride and groom from our Disney trip in 2011, and this year Anna and Elsa! J absolutely loves the coloured lights and keeps looking at them saying that they look so twinkly and getting as close as possible to them

J and her prized gold star!
Decorating the tree
We always decorate and the hubster and J always put the star on the top


So there we have it, the end of the birthday celebrations (I should also add, the hubsters was the same day as J’s but we celebrated on the weekend away!) and now we are into Christmas mode….I really must get organised!!

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