A Child Free Saturday {Ordinary Moments Week 50 – 13/12/15}

Firstly, how is this week 50 already?!?! There are 2 weeks left of posting for me in 2015 and I have been recording memories on my blog for nearly a year now, that is crazy!

Secondly, how is Christmas only 12 days away?!?!? I am so disorganised this year, I have purchased a handful of presents and a bit of wrapping but nothing else. I think I’m going to be one of those crazed parents running around the shops on the week leading up to Christmas as I am fast running out of time! I guess it stops me overspending as I usually buy presents, either forget about them, or buy extra items!

I digress….this weekend as a birthday present to the hubster I had arranged for J to stay with my mother-in-law and I was going to take him to a dine-in cinema with cosy seats in London. As time grew near we decided we wanted to stay a bit closer to home as should anything happen we would be on hand for J and also to keep our minds at ease. This was the second time in 3 years we had both been away from J overnight. We were a little apprehensive that she would actually settle as we tried a night away last year but she came down ill and we had to cancel last minute

As the weekend approached we still didn’t have firm plans following our cancellation, although we knew we wanted to see the last instalment of the Hunger Games. The hubster did some investigation and found an Everyman Cinema in Winchester. The reviews were great and he booked a 3 seater sofa for us to watch the film. Our plan was set, a walk round Winchester and the Christmas Markets (for the second week running) and then head to the cinema to see the film

It was busier than last weekend and there were crowds everywhere to the point you could barely move, I guess you get that the second to last Saturday before Christmas. We had a look in a couple of shops, the hubster got a little annoyed with the large crowds and we settled for lunch by the Cathedral before heading round the Christmas Market before our showing at 4:25pm


Not the nest shot in the world but a child free shot nonetheless!
Not the best shot in the world but a child free shot nonetheless!


The cinema experience was quite surreal; having never been in an “upmarket” theatre type cinema I didn’t quite know what to expect, but the sofas were comfy, and the drinks we purchased arrived at our spot before the film started. Not big alcohol drinkers we were the only people in the entire cinema without a glass of wine. We really enjoyed it, a lot of thought went into the decor although we felt so distant from each other we’ll be booking a 2 seater next time and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to visit a cinema slightly out of the norm

I’m not going to give any spoilers away on the film, but I do feel disappointed and I definitely think they could have left Mockingjay as 1 film, instead they decided to capitalise on the franchise. I wonder if anyone else feels the same as me?

A bit of a grainy iphone shot but a small one of the cinema
A bit of a grainy iphone shot but a small one of the cinema
Am I mad taking photos of really nice looking restrooms? A lot of care and attention had gone into the detail and i loved these lights!
Am I mad taking photos of really nice looking restrooms? A lot of care and attention had gone into the detail and I loved these lights!

We ended up going out for a Nandos for dinner; Winchester was still really busy so we drove a little closer to home and we like Nandos because after the meal you can just pack up and go as soon as you have finished your meal. Being out at 10pm on a Saturday night felt very surreal, and we agreed we should perhaps do it a bit more but we were knackered so went straight home (very rock and roll!)

The house felt empty when we arrived home and Lexi was looking at us and sitting in J’s bedroom as if to say “what’s happened?” If I’m to be honest we didn’t sleep well all night, tossing and turning and I guess it’s because it was such an unusual setup for us, but J on the other hand apparently slept like a log and it was my mother-in-law who actually woke her!

We had a great 24 hours just being a couple, and even managed to talk about subjects other than J for most of the day. By 10:30am we were pretty desperate to see our girly and received the biggest cuddles when she saw us. telling us that she loved us and missed us, that was pretty cool and made our mornings. It is really important to have that time together as a couple, just to keep that bond strong, and hopefully we won’t leave it as long next time


3 thoughts on “A Child Free Saturday {Ordinary Moments Week 50 – 13/12/15}

  1. Mary @TheHeartyLife

    YAAAYYYY for kid free days and feeling young again haha I love this post and love to see other parents having time together, its so important and is so refreshing to reconnect without the kiddos interruptions, whines and general slower pace. I love all that, but love us time too!

    .. and BOO that its 2 weeks til Christmas – I thought the same doing my Ordinary moments this week, so little time and so much to do eeeeekkk!! Good luck xx #ordinarymoments


  2. Carie

    Oh wow that sounds amazing – it’s still going to be a few years before we can leave all of ours overnight so I can only imagine how strange it must feel!


  3. mummydaddyme

    Ah that sounds like an amazing date together, the cinema sounds really cool, I have never been anywhere like that before. I don’t watch The Hunger Games but I often wonder if I am missing out! x


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