Wet and Windy Winchester

Every year in December I love to visit Winchester and see the Christmas markets and enjoy the festivities. This year was like no other and we decided to visit last weekend. It’s a short trip down the motorway for us and I love that it’s so historic with cobbled streets and not too far away

The weather started out beautiful and Sunny although we decided to take the pushchair to save us from carrying J, and we are so glad we did because 10 minutes in it started to rain! We didn’t mind so much, we went into a couple of shops and I listed things on my Christmas wish list for the hubster before heading to the Christmas market, but when we arrived in the market the rain and wind was really going for it and we were pretty soaked!

This year we toyed with the idea of going in the ice skating arena with J, but it’s very open and people can stand at the sides and watch, which makes me feel very self conscious. There were also a lot of puddles around the edges which made me a little uncertain. Instead, we’ve talked about heading to the Guildford or Basingstoke one either before or during the Christmas break as I think J would have a lovely day and it would be interesting for me to get my ice skates out of the loft!

We stopped for lunch and had a pulled pork and apple sauce baguette with a scrumptious hot chocolate for J. Being great, the hubster sent J and I off to look at the stalls whilst he queued for food and we came back with a little gift of a bath bomb. It feels like there’s less stalls there this year and it was so unbelievably busy but I’m glad J got to experience it. I didn’t take many photos because of the rain, and I didn’t want to let J out of my sight because of the crowds, hopefully next time

Hubster by the cathedral, angled shot trying to hide the masses of people!
Hubster by the cathedral, angled shot trying to hide the masses of people!
The photo quality hasn’t come out great, I think I need to work on my iPhone settings!

We had planned on a nice walk by the river, but because the rain was pretty bad and we were all wet and soaked we decided to head back to the car and finish our day at home. On the way back up through the high street J and I spotted a brass band playing, she just stopped and watched them, listening intently whilst I tried to remember every instrument they were playing. I sense some studying will be coming up for me over the coming years!

After each song she asked for more and we found some change for her to give to them in the box at the front, pretty scared that she would pick the other money up and walk back but she didn’t and got a big thank you from them all

Winchester is historic, beautiful and very, very busy at this time of year, and I’m so glad we have managed to do this trip every year so far with J. I hope in years to come we will be continuing to do this (possibly without the hubster as he really hates big crowds!!!) but it’s a lovely day out. We returned home quite wet, and to play lots of games that J had been given for her birthday. I am absolutely useless at twister but it made for some good laughs and at the end of the day the hubster told me it felt like Christmas day and he had really enjoyed it

It’s interesting reading different people’s traditions in December as they are always varied, and this ‘day’ will continue to be one in the Cook household

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5 thoughts on “Wet and Windy Winchester

  1. Coombe Mill

    What a shame the heavens opened on you and spoilt your plans, but well done for holding out as long as you did, Winchester is so beautiful it must really lend itself to a Christmas market, I’m not surprised it was busy, I suspect you weren’t the only ones caught out by the sunny start to the day. Lunch sounds lovely and lovely to spend some time outside on a favourite tradition then appreciating returning home for games. Thank you so much for sharing with me on Country Kids.


  2. Claire at Tin Box Traveller

    What a shame about the weather. We went to the Christmas Market at Winchester Cathedral in November. It was busy then but I expect nothing like it is now. I would feel self conscious about skating in such an exposed area too. I’m terribly uncoordinated! 🙂 #countrykids


  3. chloelifeunexpected

    Awww what a lovely tradition. What a shame about the weather. Winchester looks so beautiful. This looks a bit similar to the Christmas market in Bath. I adore Christmas markets. They really get you feeling festive don’t they and you can usually find little bits for everyone. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather this year and supporting our linky! We really love reading about your family adventures. I hope we see you again next year. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas! xx


  4. Jenny

    We love Christmas markets too, they are a great experience for kids, but complexly right about it being sooo busy! We went to Edinburgh Christmas market last weekend and it was almost impossible to keep O from running off to look at one thing or the other. The stalls are great, but I already had presents sorted this year, yet there were so many things I found that would have made wonderful gifts. Maybe next year we’ll go there earlier in the month and buy gifts, we did manage to get a new tree decoration though. Well done to J for for giving the money so nicely, she looks so cute I her little red coat!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather this year, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year with your lovely family. 🙂 xx


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