Thank You 2015

It’s New Years Eve and for the first time in 5 years we are going out. We’re off bowling, which may sound naff to many, but actually it’s great fun, you don’t have to squeeze into a club for overpriced tickets and overpriced drinks and it’s a good laugh

It’s going to be a very sober New Years Eve, as having been poorly for the entire Christmas break and without voice (again) I am finally on antibiotics which really do not mix well with alcohol, so I’m designated driver

The hubster has asked me to rest today and once again has taken J out to the park on their scooters. He’s been really good to me this Christmas break but I’ve really missed having quality time and going out for family walks over the break

I entered December with high hopes for recording memories on the blog, but I’ve been pretty slack through ill health and being so behind on Christmas (I did my shopping on the 21st December and 22nd December and only wrapped presents on the 24th!) Next year I am determined to be organised and will have at least 1/2 of the shopping complete in November

So after looking back on 2015, what do I want for next year? One thing really…good health. This year has had it’s ups and downs. I have lost my voice several times due to colds and stress (it’s my kryptonite) and most months one of us has come down with something and more often than not it’s me

Next year it’s time to focus on personal wellbeing; i.e. my health. it’s definitely time to improve things once more and keep going in the right direction

On the flip side, this year has been great in terms of mental wellbeing. I started the year still suffering the effects of Postnatal Depression and through blogging and recording my experiences I feel this cloud has finally lifted from me

I have recorded some great moments this year through my blog, so it’s time to head into 2016 on a positive note and wish everyone a very Happy New Year with good health and happiness to follow. Here are some of my favourite memories from 2015:

How I fail at craft

A family day out at Marwell

The day my girl moved from a cot to a bed

I turned 30 and had a surprise weekend away in Centre Parcs

A mother daughter day at Furzey Gardens with the Fairies

Our wedding anniversary back at where we got married in Florida

Cooks Cabin Annual Halloween Quiz Night

My second visit to New York in 2015, this time on my own

Our annual family Christmas Eve photo by the tree It’s not been a bad year, and I look forward to making some more amazing memories in 2016, with visits to York and Center Parcs already booked in on our calendar




4 thoughts on “Thank You 2015

  1. Miranda

    I hope that you have a 2016 full of health and more amazing memories. I too have battled with postpartum depression this year and am just now fully realizing it. I have been considering writing a post on it, but haven’t gotten up the courage yet. Thank you for mentioning it.

    As for your health, have you tried essential oils? I wouldn’t normally leave a comment on someone’s post asking that, but I just know how much they have improved my family’s wellness these last 2 years, so if I can help someone else, I would love to. You can check out some of my posts here:

    Either way, I hope you find something that works for you. Glad I found you at Just Another Linky. Have a great day!


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