Reflection and Looking Forward {Ordinary Moments 2016 Week 1 – 3/1/16}

Writing 2016 felt a bit weird, last year is done and dusted and we are now in another chapter of our lives. This is my second year of joining in with The Ordinary Moments and I love everything it stands for so I’m thrilled Katie is running it again for 2016

I sit here typing the night before I return to work after 11 days off. I fell ill just before Christmas and subsequently lost my voice so for once I didn’t really enjoy my time off as much as I would have liked to. That being said, the time I did spend with my family was quality and had some amazing memories for me

In 2015 I spent a lot of time trying to balance my work and family life, and spent a couple of trips overseas and elsewhere in the UK away from the family for work. I’m ashamed to say that the dog was lucky if she got walked once a week and my house became full of clutter

This year is the year of change. I don’t want to be a cliche and try and change absolutely everything about me (although the hubster signed up to the gym on Saturday…) but some things I want to change this year for definite and health will be playing a part of it. It is more of an indulgent post than normal but I think it’s good for me to actually sit down and type these things

In terms of work, I have already had confirmation I can lower my hours on a Wednesday and instead start work at 6pm, allowing me a full day in the week with J and a handover when the hubster arrives home before heading in for the evening. This is amazing news and I cannot wait for it to start in February.  In terms of travel, I’m not sure what is in store for me work-wise, but I will try to limit the effect it has had on the family this year

Travelling for work allowed me to capture this beautiful sunrise in Puerto Rico in March

I decided to set a walking challenge and have encouraged my friends to walk 500 miles over the course of the year. Why 500 miles? Well a very cheesy song that’s always played at a party came into my head on New Years day and I thought “why not?” It will encourage us to all get out and more importantly, for my Lexi to get walked too

I need to improve my health. I have become so unfit and that’s not the person I want J to grow up with as a role model. It’s inevitable I will continue to suffer with voice loss after a cold as the last 3 years have shown but by being healthier I can certainly aid my road to recovery. A review of what goes in my mouth and how much I walk and exercise will go towards this and help turn things around

We took the girls for a walk today and I let J walk Lexi for a bit. She walks on a halti so doesn’t pull, but I think she is finally starting to love J!

I have convinced the hubster to look at the idea of moving. Whether we do or not is another matter, but he has quickly gone into declutter mode and has today turned our lounge upside down and inside out(!) Being in a house nearly 4 years and with a child for 3 has seen us make some massive accumulations and we just need to reset and clear out which is usually what happens with a house move

We’ve booked a couple of holidays / breaks away this year and I’m really looking forward to another trip to Center Parcs with friends and my little family, and in March we are off to York for our annual Easter trip with friends. I don’t think we will be going abroad this year because of 3 weeks in Florida last year but I am hoping we have lots of small trips away before J starts school next September – thats coming around far too quickly

Our last trip to Center Parcs for my 30th in June

Finally I look at my blog. In a few weeks I will have been writing this blog for a year. I have recorded some great moments, some not so great moments, but recorded memories nonetheless.  Somewhere I hope to look back and remember our family life fondly, and show J that whilst I wasn’t always right and didn’t always get the balance perfect, I tried so very hard

I have always loved taking photos, and think I’ve got a reasonable balance  of equipment between my Canon dSLR and bridge, but this year I want to spend a bit more time reviewing my photos and turning them into photobooks before they get lost in the digital clouds. I plan on joining in with a link up called Me and Mine which I have watched from afar the last couple of months but realise it’s about time I got in front of the camera and this is the perfect opportunity to prompt me

This blog is one thing I am so proud to have continued for 12 whole months and through reading other blogs I have gained so much inspiration knowing that there are other mums (and dads) just like me out there. That in itself is enough for me to continue recording my memories throughout 2016. Here are my 2015 Ordinary Moments and wishing you a healthy and happy year ahead



4 thoughts on “Reflection and Looking Forward {Ordinary Moments 2016 Week 1 – 3/1/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Ah I love this post Sherry, really positive and uplifting. Sounds like you have lots of exciting changes on the cards, especially the work thing, that must be a great feeling. And I look forward to seeing your develop over 2016, I love reading it. Sorry you were a bit under the weather over the Christmas holidays. x

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