The Bond {Ordinary Moments 2016 Week 2 – 10/1/16}

Lexi always used to be ‘our baby’ so to speak and our life and even our social life tended to revolve around her. When J arrived on the scene things died down, Lexi naturally moved down in the pecking order and she didn’t really know what to think of this tiny little being in her space

The last couple of weeks we’ve watched the dynamics change once more. Lexi is no longer avoiding this tornado of energy called J that has wreaked havoc on her life, but is now following her and playing with her. Lexi still won’t sit by her feet (mainly because J doesn’t sit still for very long) but she seems to have accepted her at long last and will finally go into her room to see her in the morning when she wakes, and she will even sit for cuddles


We purchased a mini ball thrower for J to mirror our large one, and she has spent many an hour throwing the ball in our hall for Lexi (thankfully she hasn’t figured out how to properly throw it). J is the best dog owner and always insists on being the person to feed Lexi in the morning, she often asks to give her a treat and gives her lots of affection through stroking and belly rubs

Over the last week I have slowly allowed J to walk Lexi on the lead, a bit more each time we go out. I’m still very cautious, and won’t let her walk far in front of me or by a road, but it’s so adorable to watch and Lexi seems to appreciate J escorting her round when out

On Wednesday morning when J woke I said to her “it’s mummy and J morning”, to which she replied “no mummy, it’s mummy, J AND Lexi morning, can we take Lexi for a walk?” Our lovely Labrador has become an integral part of her life and day-to-day activities and she would rather spend her time outside with the dog

The bond between dog and owner seems to have moved onto the younger generation in our family at long last, and I am so pleased we can finally walk a nice mile or so in the evening at a reasonable pace to break up the time between work, home and bed


I took a couple of photos whilst having a play with my dSLR in the week and I really love them. It was completely unexpected, J saw me playing with the settings and asked me to take some photos of her and Lexi, and I’m so glad I did. Whilst I will never leave these two in a room alone together, I am growing in confidence of their relationship as every day passes and I think Lexi is too


12 thoughts on “The Bond {Ordinary Moments 2016 Week 2 – 10/1/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh these are absolutely gorgeous photos Sherry. I grew up with dogs and I long to have one in our family. My husband is more of a cat person but I am a dog person through and through. We will need to get a bigger house before that happens though as there just isn’t enough room. So beautiful it must be to watch their bond. x


    • sherry

      Thank you, I really would love a cat but the hubster is allergic to them so a dog was a happy medium. I wouldn’t be without her but we are starting to find that trips away are pretty limited for families and dogs x


  2. I'm Every Mum

    Aww this is such a lovely post. My youngest two (especially the little one) are obsessed with dogs. We’re renting at the moment otherwise I strongly would’ve bought a puppy at Christmas they just love dogs soooooooooooooo much. Eden is madly in love with my sisters dog. They spend all their time together whenever we visit my Mum’s. She watches the dog whilst my sister goes to work. I had two dogs with my ex husband and I was heartbroken when he left me and took them. This is just gorgeous. Their bond is the cutest. Your use of light in these pics is beautiful xx


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