Sunny Winter Days {Ordinary Moments 2016 Week 3 – 17/1/16}

Winter is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if I didn’t live in the South I’d probably really dislike it but it’s actually my second favourite season after Autumn. When the rain and gloomy grey days of December disappear and the sun finally breaks through there’s nothing quite like going for a walk, all wrapped up in hats scarves and gloves and returning with rosy cheeks and a cold nose, all ready for a hot chocolate

One of my plans for this year was to walk the dog more and use my dSLR a bit more as it had started to gather dust through lack of use. The last couple of weeks we have started to make good progress, and the past couple of weekends we’ve been out both days come rain or shine

The photos from this trip out were from our iPhones and I know it’s still early days, but I’m feeling positive about returning to the household we used to be and enjoying the outdoors no matter what the weather

Last Sunday the blue skies finally shone through and we decided to visit our old local haunt, Southampton Common. We haven’t lived in Southampton for quite a few years now, but when we first got Lexi we lived a 5 minute walk away from it, so we decided to make a big adventure of it and visit the common on Sunday with Lexi and J

J took her new bike with her which Father Christmas kindly got her and the hubster went on his scooter which I had got him for Christmas. I really do feel like I have married a big kid at times, I even  tried the scooter and nearly fell off, so I know its not for me!

It really was nice for me to walk Lexi watching the hubster and J have silly races through the common. I am glad I experienced the early baby years but actually this age is my absolute favourite, seeing childhood as I remember it through J’s eyes and being a part of it. I wish this age could last for so much longer because before I know it hormones will be kicking in and that’s a whole different level of motherhood


We had a bit of time having fun around the common and a nice stop to feed the ducks (and pigeons it seems) before heading back out again around the pathways. J’s legs started to ache and she asked to walk Lexi which was fine with us and the hubster managed to capture this photo of us as she was walking Lexi, I really like it – good job Mr Cook!



We had a lovely time and I do miss living by the Common, it’s such a nice open space with lots of flat ground perfect for learning to ride the bike, J managed to ride over 2 miles in the time we were there without even realising but I don’t think I would ever move back though. I really don’t miss living so close to the city centre, there are far too many traffic lights and congestion, and I much prefer living away from a town and closer to the countryside


We’ve had so many adventures this week and been out so much that I feel so much happier and awake in the evenings. Although I don’t like to wish the days away, I am literally counting down to the weekends and my day off to get out and about with my little family and our time outdoors

The Ordinary Moments

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

15 thoughts on “Sunny Winter Days {Ordinary Moments 2016 Week 3 – 17/1/16}

  1. Hannah

    Lovely photos, they really capture your adventures and how much fun J was having. I love that age too, and watching their characters develop. Our mission is to take more photos on the DSLR too, but your Iphone ones are beautiful crisp and clear xx


  2. Franki ~ Little Luca & Me

    It looks like you had loads of fun and I don’t think you can beat pictures of kids with their dog. Lovely shot. Our dog pulls on the lead (she’s never on it) but if Luca wants to walk her on it she’s good as gold and walks lovely at the side of him. #countrykids


  3. mummydaddyme

    You have taken some lovely photos Sherry of what looks like a gorgeous day out. I am much more a summer girl but I do love those winter days when the sun shines, it makes for a beautiful light. I love the photo of her looking in the lake with all the ducks around her- its amazing! x


  4. Coombe Mill

    What a beautiful place to go for a weekend walk, scoot and cycle. J’s new bike looks just the ticket on those path. My those geese and duck look like they hadn’t seen food in ages swarming round, I’m guessing they just know what was coming and were crowding in to take their share. Hard to beat family time in the countryside and it needn’t cost a fortune either. A lovely post, keep up with the DSLR, I take mine most of the time when we are out, much to my kids embarrassment as they say I look like a tourist everywhere! Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKdis.


  5. chloelifeunexpected

    Oh what a lovely day out! The ordinary moments really are the best. It looks like you’ve got some nice mild weather too. I absolutely adore her bike!!! It’s so, so cute!!!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jenny

    I love days like these, it’s just nice to have ordinary moments that are made extraordinary by simply being surrounded by the ones you love enjoying the fresh air. It’s great J loves her bike, she’ll be so pleased to get out and race her dad, would love to try out an fault scooter myself!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whateverthweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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