Happy Birthday {Ordinary Moments Week 4 – 24/1/16}

This week marked a year since I started blogging. One bored day in Christmas in 2014 I found an article about bloggers and their journeys. I hadn’t really heard about bloggers or blogging before and I was intrigued. I typed “parent blogger” into a search engine, and Tots100 came up with a list of 100 parent blogs

A couple stood out to me with lovely words, great ethics and beautiful pictures, and I was hooked. I must have read a hundred blog posts from various bloggers over the Christmas break, realising and being thankful that I wasn’t in it on my own and there was a big community of likeminded parents all feeling the same or in similar situations

I have spoken on occasion about my struggle with post-natal depression and undiagnosed antenatal depression. Out of my close local friends I was the only one with a baby, and I fell pregnant so quickly and was so inundated with advice that I quickly spiralled. Looking back at it, I felt like I was losing my life as I knew it. I was so afraid I would lose my career and my identity as “Sherry” that I did everything I could to hang onto the “old me” during my pregnancy, post pregnancy and on returning to work after maternity leave

I spent 2 and a half years like this not really knowing what to do and in complete turmoil, so 2 weeks after I found these blogs, in January 2015, I decided to start my own. An online diary, a space where I could talk about my feelings, record my activities with my little family, and reflect on my life as I now knew it. I knew I didn’t want to focus on the effects of PND, I wanted to focus on my family

And you know what? It cured it

I stopped longing for my old life; the carefree days where I wasn’t being woken up at some unearthly hour and the days where I could sit in a pub for an afternoon and get drunk chatting with friends without being fearful of bedtimes, routines and the mix of hangovers and toddlers. I stopped twisting and turning and blowing hot and cold with the hubster on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to live my life

I stopped feeling grey and gloomy and I found a new “Sherry”

I became the person who wanted to spend quality time with her family, the person who wanted to get out and about and see the great outdoors with her family, and the person who wanted to absorb everything she could in the moments with her family

I also became the person who wanted to find the balance between work and home life and spend more time with her child, not away from it, and finally and most importantly, the person who realised that underpinning my happiness is my family and that’s all that matters

Photos from a walk last week



This may be an unusual Ordinary Moments post, but this blog, and this way of life is now ordinary to me, part of my weekly activities and I couldn’t let it’s 1st birthday pass without a post. I look forward to sitting down and reading posts, writing posts and reflecting, and wow, didn’t those 12 months fly by? I am so glad I found that article and lovely blogs over that bored Christmas break


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday {Ordinary Moments Week 4 – 24/1/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Ah this is so lovely Sherry and I am honoured that I had a small tiny part in making you start a blog of your own. It is definitely the best thing I have ever done and nearly five years later, I still absolutely love it. Happy Blog birthday and here is too many more years! These are gorgeous photos. x


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