Me and Mine {January 2016}

The past year I have spent a lot of time reading other blogs and looking at various link ups. I’ve always really admired the Me and Mine linky which is run by Lucy at Dear Beautiful as it encourages a family photo. I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I’m in very few photos with J and this year it’s one of the things I’d like to improve

Taking photos is definitely a passion, and although it lapsed throughout 2015, the start of 2016 has seen me get back into taking photos of the people and things I love most, my family, my dog and the great outdoors. I see my family as perfection (most people do don’t they?) and I like to photograph this and hide my imperfections behind a lens

This year I am going to overcome my fear of my imperfection and be in more family shots, so here I am for my first ever Me and Mine for January 2016. A family portrait every month and the hope I will be able to look back with fond memories of the month that passed


January has seen us head out for lots of winter walks and recapture the magic of getting out with the family and enjoying the great outdoors. I love getting all wrapped up in scarves, hats and gloves, feeling nice and toasty on the inside but with a chilly rosy nose that would rival Rudolf’s on the outside, and just getting out there and enjoying the fresh air

We have been to the forest, a couple of country parks, local parks and a couple of duck ponds. I feel so much better, am sleeping better, and it’s so nice to hear J ask to take Lexi out with us every Wednesday and weekend, despite the recent rain

Mid month saw a beautiful frosty Saturday morning and we set off for a walk in some woods with a good friend. Determined to join in for the first time and be prepared I asked her to take a couple of photos for us, sorting the settings and handing it over. We even managed to get Lexi in too and we are all looking at the camera!


The photos are against a typical winter background of frosty forest and shortly after we took the photos J managed to fall in the muddiest part of the walk and was covered from head to toe, her reaction was priceless but she carried on like a pro. The hubster forgot a coat and it was -2 degrees when we left home (note the yellow hoody and nothing else!) and I also managed to hit the bridge of my nose with the camera

It’s definitely one to remember this month, for the mishaps and for the right reasons. I think I’ll be getting one of the full resolution photos framed as I really do love these pictures. We all look so happy and I’m glad I overcame my fear and stood with my family for the first family photo of 2016


7 thoughts on “Me and Mine {January 2016}

  1. dearbeautiful

    These are such beautiful photos to start the project with, and you got the dog in too which is really impressive. I think a lot of people feel like you, I know I do, that their families are perfection and they’d rather hide behind the camera. But I think there is something really beautiful about showing the whole family together and having those memories to look back on in the future. I’ll look forward to seeing you join in with us this year. x

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  2. Hannah

    I feel the same, and I normally hate photos of myself and would rather be behind the camera. I love seeing everyone else family photos, I want the children to remember me being involved and i love the memories we are creating alone the way. You and your family are beautiful, and you should definitely get this photo printed and framed, I think its my one of my favourites of yours, J looks so happy and relaxed and Lexi is gorgeous! xx


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