A Very Big Horse and Some Lambs {Ordinary Moments Week 6 – 7/2/16}

Each year the local agricultural college holds a lambing weekend where they open the doors and you can watch lambs being born and participate in other farming activities. For the past couple of years we have messed up on the dates and missed it, so this year I was determined to attend and take the family

We arrived early Sunday morning and it was wet, windy and grey but undeterred and wrapped up warm we headed into the lambing shed. This time round we didn’t actually see any lambs being born (it’s pretty amazing watching it, especially when they need to be brought round after the shock) but we saw a couple sat with their mums having been born a few hours before

J was fascinated, and kept going to each pen where the lambs and ewes were, watching them drink their mother’s milk and even stand on their mother to look at the increasing crowds. We must have stayed in there for a good half hour before heading into the tractor shed, with J trying each of the tractors and even sitting in a police car with the hat on. I didn’t get many pictures of the lambs as there were quite a lot of people and the lighting wasn’t great, but they really were very cute



We soon decided to head outside and try welly wanging. you will see from the hubsters face that this is something he was determined to succeed in, although the chap before him managed to throw it backwards and nearly took out a passer by! J is quite happy to have a go at most things and was pretty pleased with herself over the length of the pink welly she threw!


It wasn’t before long until she saw the pony rides and this really captured her attention. She loves horse riding and any opportunity there is she will use it. It’s usually very reasonable so we are happy to oblige and she patiently queued


There were around 4 horses in the arena, all varying sizes and as she came to her go we thought she would end up with the smallest one. We were wrong. The boy behind her ended up on that one and the next horse over was the biggest in the arena. Without thinking she climbed onto the horse, listened to the instructions given and off she went holding her head up and keeping her back straight

The hubster didn’t look overly phased but my mother-in-law and RH started looking a little concerned, and I won’t lie, as I was taking photos of her I became increasingly worried as it was a very big drop and she is only 3. When I showed the hubster the photos he realised just how high up she was and then the belated panic set in. She completely took it in her stride, didn’t bat an eyelid, and smiled as she went round, concentrating on the direction of travel

J has just moved into a room of 3 and 4 year olds at nursery and is the biggest, she is such a tall girl, but on this horse she looked tiny, and as soon as she got off I gave her the biggest cuddle and told her just how proud she was, to which she replied asking if she could do it again! I think that was enough for one day for me


This is quite possibly one of my favourite shots of her on the horse


We continued round, visiting the area where horseshoes were made, J again watching intently, and the hubster got up close and personal with a cow before heading into the cowshed to see some baby calves. J really understood and absorbed everything we were saying and even had a go at ‘milking’ a pretend cow


I had to take a photo of this as it just made me laugh, she asked everyone politely if she could get a look in and they all moved aside for her

With the weather worsening we decided to seek shelter inside a dedicated children area with colouring and face painting. Unfortunately the queue for the face painting was 45 minutes so we just settled for colouring in a sheep mask. My mother-in-law couldn’t help but join in (in fact I had to stop her from doing J’s for her!) and they were both very pleased with the results of their efforts

When we visited in 2012 there wasn’t a huge amount to do, although I was childless so wasn’t really looking at activities for anyone other than me, but this time round there was a lot to do, and we could have probably stayed for the whole day had we not had plans for the late afternoon. I am definitely looking forward to going back next year for the weekend once more, just maybe with a smaller horse for the rides


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22 thoughts on “A Very Big Horse and Some Lambs {Ordinary Moments Week 6 – 7/2/16}

  1. travelingchristie

    Beautiful photos, the horse is just gorgeous. I just love lambing season, it generally starts here next month but it is lovely seeing all the lambs running and exploring in the fields x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mummydaddyme

    Aw it looks like a lovely day out, I would be fascinated myself to see lambs being born. We have fed them a couple of times when they were tiny when we visited a local farm. The girls have never been horse riding, I bet they would love it, she looks like she is having so much fun. xx


  3. amumseekingsun

    Before moving abroad we had a smallholding with horses, chickens and goats and my girls adored all the animals and still talk about them a lot. It looks a lovely day out and how brave is your daughter riding such a big horse.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wave to Mummy

    Wow these are some gorgeous photos – we have a lambing event near ours soon too so I think we will have to go too! Loving how she looks like riding that horse, very serious, concentrating hard, but still enjoying it 🙂 Looks like a fun day! #whatevertheweather

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Coombe Mill

    What a fab day out, it looks like there was so much to see and do there to keep you all entertained for a great day out. It’s fab that they were so hands on at the farm letting you get up close to all the different animals, I love the shot of your hubster getting maybe a little too close to a cow! That horse is particularly big, it’s amazing how brave J was! Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

    Liked by 1 person

  6. jennyeaves

    Aww, she looks so proud of herself on that big horse, maybe they didn’t realise she was still quite young?! She clearly has the knack of it and is sitting up so straight and confident. The lambing would be fun to see too, I haven’t seen any farms offering that sort of thing up here, great education for the kids though. Thanks so much for linking up your lovely post to #Whatevertheweather, please don’t forget to grab the badge though (or a backlink if you prefer) Thank you! 🙂 x


  7. chloelifeunexpected

    Awww what a great day out. Those lambs are seriously adorable and that horse is so big!!! I love her pink wellies too! They’re so adorable. I can’t believe how hands on this farm is. It sounds like such a lovely family day out. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather x


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