Still Not Right {Ordinary Moments Week 9 – 28/2/16}

Since mid January my little one hasn’t been on form and I’m starting to feel totally and utterly helpless. She’s on her second round of antibiotics as on Thursday she woke up really hot and she’s not eating much at all, totally unlike her

As I type this I’m sat in a really awkward position on the sofa while she sleeps on me for the first time in months. I’m balancing my iPhone on my lap as my left arm is around her and she’s snuggled into me, her glasses digging in slightly and her old baby blanket over her for added comfort

We go on holiday this week and in desperation of wanting her to have a good break we are on relax mode this weekend, which is fighting against every instinct we have. The hubster and I are not used to having a sickly child, or the fact that when she becomes ill it hits her much harder than it hits us, and we are so unused to having to scale plans and activities back to allow her to recover. It’s true to say that we really do struggle with a slower pace of life in general

We had a small trip to the shops to exchange her pocket money for holiday money and some other essentials for the trip, but other than that we’ve not done a lot in the time we’ve had together. The dog is wondering where her long weekend walk has gone, and J keeps asking to take her out for a walk too, which we have had to say no to, amongst other things

J is not a cuddly child although the past few weeks she has been more cuddly than ever, wanting us close for comfort and support, and I know I’ll miss that when she’s better, but actually, I want her better and I can forgo the constant cuddles in place of that

Here’s to a great holiday and a healthier and happier week ahead. Regardless of illness, I know I’ll enjoy spending quality time with my family, and that’s what really matters isn’t it?


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5 thoughts on “Still Not Right {Ordinary Moments Week 9 – 28/2/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh bless her, that is not fun at all. It is really horrible when they are ill for an extended period of time, the first couple of days are quite lovely when they are needing comfort and all snuggly, but after that it isn’t much fun at all. I really hope she is better for your holiday- poor thing. x


  2. Memeandharri

    Oh bless you all. There is nothing worse when your little ones are poorly, you feel so helpless. January and February are always bad months for sickness in our house – I dread them. I am hoping she is better for your holiday, but yes as long as you are all together as a family is all that matters x


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