Me and Mine {February 2016}

February has been one of those months where it just whizzed by but at times it felt like time itself had stopped. J spent most of the month feeling off colour and coughing a lot at night and we have had to slow down and let her rest, especially on the weekends which is very unlike us

It’s not been all bad because we have managed to move her into the second biggest room, the back room (previously known as the junk room) and we’ve had a really big clear out and generally decluttered upstairs. This was our most unloved part of the house as we only use it as a dressing / sleeping / bathing area, but I’m more inclined to spend time up there now and J loves her new ‘big girls bedroom’. Remarkably it’s stayed tidy too!

Around mid month, after a couple of weeks of taking it easy J was starting to play up as she isn’t one for sitting still, so we decided to go out for a family walk to St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester, with the plan to take some photos at the top of the hill

The photos make me laugh just looking at them, the hubster had stood for ages waiting for me to set it up and J was desperate to use my camera and sat on the floor also waiting for me, getting slightly frustrated as I wouldn’t let her use it until I had finished the photos. My knees were muddy from setting up my camera on the damp grass (must invest in a tripod, the gorilla-pod just isn’t cutting it at the moment) and the dog went on a mad one racing around the field (after I didn’t actually notice her in the first photo or the one where she photobombed us). It was a typical attempt of trying and failing but making some funny memories along the way



I didn’t quite get the setting right for the positioning of the sun and there are a few more shadows than what I would usually aim for. Despite that I actually really like them because of the fun we all had, and Lexi looks super happy just looking up at us in the first shot

We also decided to mix things up – conscious we had a photo whilst on a walk last month, we decided to jump and have a photo of us all in the air. Again we failed, there are feet off the ground, but not all of them at once! We laughed a lot trying to get a photo of us all up in the air and gained a few weird looks from passers by as we kept trying! J’s yellow scarf covered her face as she jumped and for me they are perfect for all the imperfections



For this month’s photos I’ve also included the shot of us all after we thought the camera had finished shooting, we’re all walking off and doing our own thing without a care in the world and smiles on our faces. Although Lexi is blurry and half out of the frame, this is the one I know I will look back on fondly


March holds a trip to Center Parcs and a trip to see our good friends in York – both are some of my favourite places to visit, so we have some great opportunities for more family photos

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