Family Time at Center Parcs

Last week we went to Center Parcs with a couple of friends. I have a real love for Center Parcs and whenever we go we make full use of a break from the 10am opening on the first day to the evening on the last. Aside from Christmas when I was poorly and a bit of a write off, the last time we had some ‘proper’ family time together was when we went to Florida in September, so it was long overdue

Unfortunately we started the week with an unwell child so we weren’t quite sure how the week would pan out, but overall it was a pretty great week full of family time and memories. I took so many photos that I still haven’t gone through but my Ordinary Moments this week is about the short but amazing family time we had together

J has started to tell us constantly that she loves us, although she does it at least 30 times a day it is adorable and she even extended it to our friends midway through the break which I think they were a little shocked with to begin with. She really is the most loving little girl I know and it does get a bit tiresome at times so I often have to remind myself it’s not going to last forever and not to get weary when she says it

I spent a lot of time trying to do one on one talking with J, or holding hands with her and the hubster when walking and just trying to be a ‘fun’ mum rather than the normal stressed out and tired mum I generally feel I can be. J seemed to appreciate this and we shared a special lunch of pancakes together on the Thursday before meeting the hubster and the group for a swim


As well as spending time together doing activities I also made a point of having family photos together throughout the holiday. I’m not good at being in front of the camera, I feel very self conscious, but I’ve noticed that there are so few photos of us three together that J might ask where I was when she was growing up!


On a break I try make a conscious effort to leave technology alone, and aside from a quick check in the morning I only really used my phone in the evening after J had gone to bed. The laptop which is usually glued to my side in the evening only got used on Thursday night to do an online food shop for a Saturday morning arrival (best idea I’ve had in a while!) and it sounds silly but I’m pleased as it shows just how much time was spent as a family unit

If we’re to be totally honest the only real technology used was the cameras. In this day and age we are so heavily reliant on our phones that we don’t seem to notice our children as much as our parents perhaps did with us and it feels so bad to even write this, but having battery lasting for 2-3 days as opposed to a day was a real achievement for me


I haven’t really had time to fully digest the break, but as we were walking up the hill to the car the hubster asked J what she enjoyed most about the holiday and she said “being with you” which completely and utterly melted him

I quite often get negative feedback for working full time adjusted hours and not being with J 24×7, but my daughter is happy, thriving, funny and rarely miserable. For the hubster and I, that comment means everything to us, we may not be perfect, but we aren’t doing a bad job and our daughter loves us, what more could we ask for? I am very honoured to be her mum

9 thoughts on “Family Time at Center Parcs

  1. mummydaddyme

    I love Center Parcs, we have been every year since Mads was little but I doubt we will go this year as it is just too expensive in the school holidays. It sounds like you had a lovely time together and J sounds incredibly sweet and affectionate. I love how affectionate my eldest daughter is, you have to work a bit more for a cuddle from the little one. x


    • Sherry

      We have probably overdone it this year as we’ve just booked our third trip there. Each different groups or people. Trying to make the most of non term prices 😉


  2. squishedblueberries

    Centre parcs is the best! It sounds like you had an amazing time and J definitely enjoyed herself. I need to fit in a break there this year, we normally go in October but Mabel will be at school this year so we won’t be able to afford it in half term.

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