On Edge {Ordinary Moments Week 11 – 13/3/16}

I’m writing this on Sunday morning, the hubster and J have gone to a birthday party and I’ve been sat for a while wondering what to write for my Ordinary Moments post. Not through lack of activities or events, but through how I’m feeling right now

I’ve  had a really lovely week with my family despite being back at work. Mothers Day last weekend was great and I had some lovely family time with mum and dad, and on Wednesday I had some real proud mummy moments with her learning to write and taking her first ever swimming lesson without me in the water. I was honestly amazed at just how well she took to the swimming, especially as the week before at Center Parcs she literally clung to me in the water and would not let go of me. I was a little (incredibly) apprehensive about her going in, but she was fine – amazing in fact – aside from a slight meltdown towards the end when a boy splashed her

That all seems to have been dwarfed by this weekend and her behaviour. We have been very lucky with J the past few years, suffering very few tantrums and generally having a well behaved child. This weekend has felt as though she has combined those few years  and her turning three, and she’s come at us with a vengeance. We seem to have gained a mini teenager with her back chatting us, not doing what she’s told, and with every instruction we have given her, is asking ‘why?’ or simply saying ‘no’ and going off and trying to do her own thing

It’s really taken us aback, and I’ve felt unbelievably on edge, and in turn, the hubster has too. The 1, 2, 3 countdown is getting to 3 and we’re following through with whatever threats and promises we have, but she just doesn’t care. I honestly dread to think about the teenage years, the last 36 hours have given me such a headache and I would do anything right now to have my lovely daughter back

I know and hope it’s just a phase where she pushes the boundaries, but when you’re least expecting it, it really takes you off your feet, especially after the last few great weeks of family time. Yesterday we took the girls for a walk and ride to Hockley Viaduct and throughout the entire walk I was grumpy with the dog, J and even the hubster for numerous reasons. It was a beautiful day, the first day it’s actually felt like Spring but we just didn’t feel it which is so unusual for us


After spending the day in turmoil, we decided this morning that we would part ways for the day and ‘tag-team’ swap with J, to give the other some much needed breathing space. When the hubster suggested it I felt immensely guilty as I normally treasure my time with her, and him. But actually I couldn’t have been more relieved

I know I don’t see her a huge amount in the week and like to make the most out of the weekend, but I’ve felt myself turning very quickly into shouty mum after the last few days of dealing with her

Those 2 short hours today will give me some much needed sanity, so I can enjoy what’s left of this beautiful sunny weekend with my girl. After all, one happy parent is better than 2 grumpy parents.

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9 thoughts on “On Edge {Ordinary Moments Week 11 – 13/3/16}

  1. Beth @ Twinderelmo

    It all gets a bit much at times doesn’t it? A break is essential and you summed it up perfectly- one happy parent is much better. It’s great to be able to have a partner to lean on isn’t it when you need to recharge
    Hope you manage s nice evening together. Much love xxxx


  2. Memeandharri

    Oh lovely it can be so tough, you make all these lovely plans and they play up. My youngest can definitely be hard work! Hopefully it is just a phase, i hope you enjoyed your morning break XXX


  3. mummydaddyme

    It definitely gets a bit much at times and don’t beat yourself up about it, sometimes a break does us good and we can come back and feel refreshed and happier. With both my girls we skipped the terrible twos and moved on to being harder work at three, LL is going through a bit of bolshy stroppy stage too, although because she isn’t particularly communicative yet, she doesn’t answer back. She does have a right temper on her though. Hope this week is better for you all. x


    • Sherry

      Thank you, it’s reassuring to know we aren’t the only ones who have been lucky but are encountering the ‘testing’ phase. Fingers crossed LL pulls through it quickly too x


  4. Carie

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong in needing to tag in and out when our little ones are going through a trying time. They need us to be at our very best to deal with whatever emotion is coming barrelling out of them and that means treating it like a relay race sometimes – and it’s crazy how little time you can need to feel yourself again – 2 hours is a drop in the ocean across a lifetime of parenting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. squishedblueberries

    If it helps I have found three the hardest age yet. Mabel certainly has the attitude of a teenager at times. Add to that the mum-daughter thing where they seem to know just how to push our buttons and it’s no wonder we need some time out now and then. Hope things are a bit better now x

    Liked by 1 person

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