Photolove {Ordinary Moments Week 12 -20/3/16}

I have always taken lots of photos, I was always the one with a camera whenever we were out, the one who would head off for walks to capture the sunset and encourage friends and family to head out for an activity which I would capture on my trusty compact. When I went to college I attended a photography course, learning how to use an ‘old style’ film SLR and I loved developing my own photos and watching my captures come to life as the print appeared on the paper

After meeting the hubster  I inherited his dSLR and my passion for taking photos grew further, self teaching how to use it ‘properly’ and now take all my photos in manual. I’m not a professional by any means, just an amateur recording memories, but I love that photos capture a moment in time and they can be as artistic or simple as you want to make them

I’ve noticed over recent months that I’ve been snapping away without really thinking about decent photo storage, printing or backing up. I’ve lost a couple of hard drives with photos on them over the years, photos I’ve never been able to retrieve or look back on fondly. We currently rent our house, so photos on the wall are minimal and if you add that all to the last few years of capturing images you can only imagine how bad it has become

This week I decided to start the painful task of going through all of my memory cards, memory sticks and hard drives to print or store properly. I realised just how bad I had got when there were photos from October 2014 that I hadn’t backed up or reviewed, many with a very young J in them and many I would be pretty upset to lose. I’ve spent a couple of nights this week hunched over my makeshift desk in our spare room looking through photos, deleting duplicates or the ones that just don’t make the cut, desperate to put the work in now and hope all is okay as I get to each image

I’ve barely scratched the surface and have a good 15,000 left to go through, but it’s been a lovely reflection this week. I’ve looked back at my first trip away from my family to New York last March, our adventures to the beach last summer and I have just started going through our Florida holiday photos which were a whopping 6 months ago(!)

This week my photos are a small selection of what I’ve loved looking back at during this long process, the photos that have taken me back to that moment in time, remembering how cold it was, or how bright it may have been, or what made me take that particular shot, and why I was even there in the first place. It’s all about my ordinary activity of capturing a moment in time, my passion, my hobby, my photography.

January 2015 – my first photo for this blog

February 2015 – a cold Peppa Pig World, one of the last times I went with J before returning to work full time

March 2015 – a sunrise in Puerto Rico, I was bitten to pieces by the mosquitos but it was pretty spectacular

Easter 2015 – seeing our good friends in York. J always grows up when we see them and this year will be the same I’m sure

July 2015 – a trip to Guildford and one of my favourite photos of 2015 of this dragonfly

July 2015 – garden Jenga at a friends house and castle building

September 2015 – Lancing beach before lunch with family

Our wedding anniversary, back at the venue we married. I felt so lucky to be able to take J there exactly 4 years on

Florida 2015 – J and daddy toasting marshmallows on the campfire in Disney, one of the simple but most memorable of memories

Florida 2015 – J meeting Duffy the Bear for the first time and in absolute awe

November 2015 – Brooklyn Bridge at 8am on a Sunday, a beautiful, cold crisp morning

November 2015 – The High Line in New York

February 2016 – on top of the world in Winchester

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3 thoughts on “Photolove {Ordinary Moments Week 12 -20/3/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    What gorgeous photos and I love a little trip down memory lane. The dragon fly one is incredible. A good sort is definitely needed in this house too, I spent nap time today backing up five hard drives which was so boring but I am one step closer to being organised. I love photography too, it is my number one passion. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carie

    Oh what a fabulous walk down memory lane! I’m terrible for backing up photos – My blog is part of the backing up which is less than ideal, though we do have a number of external hard drives too. I’m thinking of getting online back up to be easier!

    Liked by 1 person

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