Me and Mine {March 2016}

We have had quite a few adventures in March, a trip to Center Parcs and a visit to see our lovely friends in York. Each has had a family photo with us in it, but mid month I made the decision to head to West Wittering for the first time this year with a view to take some photos for this month’s project

I love West Wittering, it’s one of my favourite places to visit in the South. We have some amazing memories from our summers there, long days of sun and sea with friends and family, finishing off with a BBQ at the end of it with rosy cheeks and sun-kissed skin, and being able to walk Lexi at the East Head section of the beach all year round makes it perfect for us

When we visited in March last year it was so windy and blustery that we were quite apprehensive about taking photos for this month’s portrait project and whether we would look windswept and it would be a total fail, but the weather was with us(!) there was very little wind but with a little cloud and sun present

We decided to hide in the dunes for our photo and I really love the shots we captured, even though in one of them Lexi was going a bit nuts and is poking me in the stomach! The photo of all four of us looking in the direction of the camera will be one we are going to frame, and I think at the end of the year I may get a photobook with the main photo from each month

West Wittering March 16 (1) - 1 of 3

West Wittering March 16 (1) - 2 of 3

We are very lucky to have been given a tripod by one of our good friends and it has made such a difference to setting the photos up. I also happened to find my camera remote at the beginning of the month which has meant I now don’t have to run back from setting the camera up – it’s been a good month for camera  equipment

Health has been better this month, J has been back to her normal self, but it appears the “three-nager” that everyone jokes about has joined the household. On a couple of occasions we have been at our wits end wondering when our lovely girl would be rejoining us. We are desperately hoping this is just a phase which ends soon as we had no issues when she was two and aren’t quite sure where to head next with discipline

We are currently on a week off work, having some more adventures and some quality family time together as we haven’t really had any since September. We returned on Tuesday from York and on Wednesday visited Paultons Park with our newly purchased annual pass. We have a few small trips the next few days but we are really focussing on time together without the madness of full time work

These months really are flying by and I cannot believe we are in the 2nd quarter of 2016 as of Friday! April has more quality family time planned, I think we will plan a couple of trips to local areas and attractions but nothing too extravagant after a busy March and a few busy summer months ahead

I have included our ‘out-take’ from March, the hubster looking at the camera, J playing with the remote and Lexi looking on wondering where her ball is and who will throw it next. I really enjoy taking the family photo, but the out-takes make me laugh so much that I have to include them as I know I’ll look back on them fondly in years to come.

West Wittering March 16 (1) - 3 of 3

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11 thoughts on “Me and Mine {March 2016}

  1. Carie

    Oh what a beautiful spot, it looks like you were having so much fun even if it was a bit blustery – and I do love that outtake – too funny!!


  2. Gemma - Heart Mammi

    The tripod and remote have made such a difference, I think I only actually bought them for the “Me and Mine” photo as I’m quite happy hiding behind the camera for the rest of the month. The sand dunes are a lovely backdrop to your photo’s.


  3. Louise

    Beautiful photos – it does make such a difference to have a tripod. I have a Gorillapod that I usually take out and attach to the pushchair for our photos – much better than getting people offering to take the photo and then chopping off heads (it always seems a bit cheeky to keep asking them to try again to get a shot I’m happy with!) Love West Wittering beach – used to go there as a child but haven’t been there for years – and love the photos of you all amongst the sand dunes – that last photo made me chuckle. How lovely to have an annual pass for Paulton’s Park – hope you enjoy lots of trips there over the year 🙂


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