Quality Time {Ordinary Moments Week 14 – 3/4/16}

We have been off since just before Easter and aside from our usual meet up over the bank holiday weekend with our York based friends, we made no plans. In the weeks leading up to our break we were asked by quite a few people if we wanted to do something, or make plans for the weekends or the evenings, and we declined them all in favour of doing our own thing

Why? Quite simply because although we’ve had a good few breaks away the past few months, these have been with other people. We’ve had a great time with them all but we hadn’t had any quality family time since our holiday to Florida in September, and I needed to reset. I needed to reset the bond between the hubster and I, reset the closeness of a family unit, and reset and focus on our little girl who is becoming more demanding and wanting our attention, probably because it’s often shared with others

We extended our break with our friends in York by an extra day and made the trip home on Tuesday. The time up there was amazing as always and each time feels harder to come home, but family time was looming. Our first stop on our week off was Paultons Park, having not been there since our annual passes expired last May

I decided at Paultons Park I was going to try to be the ‘fun mum’ as I sometimes feel I can be a bit boring or too hard on J, I’m always reminding her to be polite and say please or thank you, and I try to encourage her independence, but giving her lots of cuddles and affection when she needs it.  In contrast I think the hubster is the fun one, always throwing her around and making up lots of games with her. I agreed to go on the big yellow slide first with her, the log flume ride which got J and I very wet, and I even braved my fear of going on the high spinning swings which made me feel nauseous for a good few hours afterwards

The hubster looked on at us, slightly bemused at his wife, possibly a bit upset that he wasn’t doing the rides first, but pleased that his daughter was happy. We both shared some moments and looks as the day went on, knowing that the choice of unshared family time was the right thing to do and as we drove home we made our plans for the next day

York - 1York - 4York - 5

I’m doing a separate post on our little adventures over the week, but as I sit here watching Scandal on Saturday night tucked up in my electric blanket (how old am I?) I have a feeling of contentment. In the past week we have visited 4 counties, travelled 850 miles North, South, East and West, been in the confined space of a car for over 24 hours during the process, and we’ve barely argued

I feel closer to my little crew and happier than I have been in a while, and that is simply because we’ve had some overdue quality family time. The memories have been pretty awesome too and it’s a shame that it’s a necessity that I have to be going back to work next week without them. It’s been a steady, great week off.

York - 6York - 3York - 2

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4 thoughts on “Quality Time {Ordinary Moments Week 14 – 3/4/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    A lovely post and it sounds like you have had some really lovely family time. It is funny seeing all your photos of Paultons Park seeing we were there just a few days ok. I used to be the most sociable person when I was in my early 20’s but now I just honesty would prefer to see my little family and spend time with them. Sad I know! xx


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