An Impromptu Walk {Ordinary Moments Week 15 – 10/4/16}

We entered the weekend with very few plans, a dinner at friends on Sunday and a few standard weekend chores, but that’s it and it’s very unusual for us. We decided on Saturday to have a slow start, as after several days away and a week back in our hectic routines it’s nice to be in our own environment again and relax at the pace we had started to become accustomed to

We all finally got dressed after lunch and made a decision to head to indoor soft play as the beautiful skies had turned grey. As we were driving along the motorway the weather started to clear up and the hubster and I both agreed that indoor activity was not what we needed for the afternoon and J could also do with some fresh air

Having seen lots of pictures of bluebells through social media I decided it was the perfect opportunity to search for some ourselves. After a quick google for areas with the bluebells,   Micheldever Woods came up as one of the best in Hampshire. We had never heard of these woods before but thought it would be a great idea to leave the motorway and head to it, and as our walking boots were in the car it was like it was meant to be

There were hundreds upon hundreds of bluebells and it was a carpet of blue amongst the trees. It was really quite a breathtaking sight and I kicked myself as I had left my camera at home thinking we were staying indoors, but my trusty iPhone helped capture some of the beauty that lay before us. Aside from the bluebells it was a lovely forest and we will definitely head back there again in the future with our four legged friend

mothers - 1mothers - 6mothers - 2

The weather changed halfway through the walk and we all took shelter in a handmade woodland den whilst hailstones fell. J had never seen hail before and as the hubster showed her them on his hand she realised it was frozen rain and tried licking them off

It soon cleared up and we started exploring the forest again looking for more bluebells and adventure. J was in a really playful mood and spent lots of time walking through the mud, jumping in puddles and off tree stumps with lots of giggles and pure fearlessness. We joined in with her for a couple of games of hide and seek, running up and down the muddy paths and just running around enjoying the fresh air

It was so nice to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors and be amongst the trees with my little family and sometimes the unscheduled, unplanned trips are the best ones. Being in the great outdoors is something we love doing as a family but we rarely make last minute plans but maybe we should! We will definitely be heading there again and I’m sure it will be just as beautiful in the summer.

mothers - 4mothers - 5mothers - 10mothers - 8mothers - 9mothers - 11

Linking up with Katie at mummydaddyme for The Ordinary Moments linky

And Fiona at Coombe Mill for Country Kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

6 thoughts on “An Impromptu Walk {Ordinary Moments Week 15 – 10/4/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    It sounds like a lovely walk. The bluebells look gorgeous. One year we went to find them near us but they were so far deep in a wood that we were all knackered by the time we got there and then we had to go all the way home. But there is nothing better than exploring as a family. x


  2. Coombe Mill

    i love an unexpected day out like this. What a great decision to leave the motorway and head for the woods. It would put me in a playful mood too! The photos are wonderful and show the fun you had. I so often rely on my i-Pone when I haven’t planned an adventure. Like you I’ve seen lots of bluebells on Social Media and we have them on the farm here but in the adjoining woods they are yet to come out. I’ll be persuading the kids to come out there with me when they do. I hope you do get to return to these woods again, hopefully without the hail. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.


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