My Sunday Photo {Week 16 – 17/4/16}

Every Tuesday night I ask J what she wants to do on her Wednesday with me and 99% of the time she asks to take Lexi for a walk. She’s such a good girl and the bond between her and Lexi grows stronger and stronger

Lexi pulls and it’s something we’ve never managed to remove, instead opting for a halti where we control her pulling with as little force as a little finger on the lead. It also means when J asks to take the lead I’m not as hesitant as I perhaps would have been

Our lovely Labrador also seems to understand who is walking her and adapts her pace to the person with the lead. J is a tall girl for her age but next to Lexi and on top of one of the hills in the South Downs she looks so small. A simple shot of a girl and her best friend, Lexi the dog.


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