A New Routine {Ordinary Moments Week 16 – 17/4/16}

In June last year we moved J into her ‘big girls bed’ by taking the cot bars down, and in January this year we moved J into the bigger of the 2 bedrooms upstairs. Each change she has been faced with she has adapted to really well and we’ve been incredibly lucky and her sleep has been solid

For a good month or so we have been faced with early morning wake up calls, usually around 4-5am, where she is asking for us to take her to the bathroom as she doesn’t want to use her bedtime nappy pants

Whilst we were happy to oblige and enter the next step of our lives as parents, we weren’t so happy with the adjusted wake up times, more often than not with a hyperactive J, ready to start the day after a nice long sleep and not willing to let us rest

J is not good with any form of light in her room, so a night light was out of the question, and she doesn’t like her bedroom door open, so we decided to continue as we were until we could find a new way to approach the new challenge facing us

When out with a friend the other week I picked up some night lights in Tiger, ones that don’t attach to walls or plug in to a point, simple, small handheld ones, but I had hatched a plan and wanted to try it. Last weekend we put a potty in her room near the end of her bed, gave J one of the night lights to put under her pillow, and showed her a new routine to help with her needs in the early hours

We explained that if she needed a ‘wee-wee’ in the night, all she needed to do was take the light from under her pillow, switch the light on, put it at the end of the bed, head to the potty and return to bed once finished, switching the light off and going back to sleep

The hubster wasn’t convinced, thinking it would all go wrong and she would be wide awake and unable to go back to sleep, but a week in and she has done amazing and proved him (and I) wrong

5 of the 7 nights she has got up, used the potty and gone back to sleep, and 2 nights she slept though not really noticing her bodily functions, but it’s early days and 70% isn’t bad at all

Each night before bed she goes through her little ‘magic trick’, and gets us to reenact her routine with her before saying goodnight. On one of the evenings we went in to check on her before bed and found she had collected her small mirror, spare dummy and glasses case and also put those under her pillow as well. It was very cute, if not a little concerning from a glasses perspective!

We of course are in the early days, and it may all fall apart, but the little bit of responsibility we have given her has worked, and she has soaked it all up as usual. My little girl is on her way to achieving another milestone and I honestly couldn’t be prouder. 


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2 thoughts on “A New Routine {Ordinary Moments Week 16 – 17/4/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh bless her that is really grown up and amazing idea for you to think of. Hopefully she will continue to do the same as the weeks go past. My girls collect all sorts of ‘treasures’ under their pillows so it made me laugh when you said J had done the same. x


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