A Day Out at Corfe Castle

Never one to sit still, on our week off we managed to visit 4 counties in 4 days; North Yorkshire, Hampshire, Dorset and East Sussex

After arriving home from York we decided to visit Corfe Castle with our National Trust passes. Travelling to Dorset from Hampshire after a day confined to a car we didn’t think that J would manage another lengthy trip but she surprised us and was so well behaved. She sat and chatted happily to us in the car throughout the journey

We arrived late morning and the sky was stunning, with cotton wool type clouds and very little breeze. We took the longer route from the National Trust car park to get to the castle, walking along the nature trail which was quite scenic and with a little river alongside it, and then began the trek up to the top. We chose not to do the children’s activity paper this time round and instead explore together

With it being a beautiful day and school holidays, there were a lot of people present and to our dismay dogs too. We had made the decision to leave Lexi at home for the day and instantly regretted it as soon as we saw the others

As we were walking up the hill J found lots of hiding places and wandered around with interest, and we stopped for a picnic overlooking a hill that I promised J we would visit and climb another day. She loves hills at the moment, Butser Hill is next on our list and maybe even Snowdon in the future(!)

After lunch we continued walking to the top of the castle, J asked to take a photo of the hubster and I. Giving her my dSLR is never an easy decision but for a 3 year old she doesn’t take a bad photo!

As expected at the top it was pretty windy, but we enjoyed the views looking out over Dorset and played a couple of games of hide and seek before heading back down

The walk back to the car had a little adventure, we did the long route again, played on the children’s equipment and I also managed to totally submerge my foot in the river trying to retrieve a stick (of all things) for the hubster, and was quite grateful that we were heading home instead of heading into Swanage

It really was a lovely day out, and I will definitely be heading back there with my little family again in the future and to fulfil the promise of completing another hill!

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5 thoughts on “A Day Out at Corfe Castle

  1. Coombe Mill

    I have seen photos from Corfe Castle before and it always looks amazing. I love the old castle and the views from the top, definitely worth the climb, though it sounds like it was pretty windy up there. Well done J on her photos and on all that travelling, a real seasoned traveler you are making there. I’m sure Lexi would have loved it too bounding on ahead of you. thank you for sharing a beautiful spot with me on #CountryKids


  2. Claire at Tin Box Traveller

    What a road trip! That’s pretty good going in four days. Corfe Castle and Swanage are places I love. We haven’t been for years. Our last trip was when we still had a tent and stayed at a campsite just down the road from the castle. I remember the weather was brilliant until we decided to go to the beach. Typical 🙂 #countrykids


  3. TheHelpfulHiker

    Wow, you covered a lot of miles in just 4 days! Corfe Castle looks amazing, just our sort of place. It’s always good finding new palces to visit. I’m also very impressed by J’s camera skills 🙂 #whatevertheweather


  4. chloelifeunexpected

    What gorgeous photos. I really want to come back to Corfe Castle, I haven’t been since I was small. Snowdon is on our list too. For a three year old she takes amazing pictures! I’m really impressed. It looks like the perfect place to explore. I can’t believe how many miles you covered. So impressive. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx


  5. Tastefully Vikkie

    Such lovely photos! We drove past there the other month and wanted to go. We’d wild camped in our camper just outside the national trust entrance and walked all the way to thelp Studland beach. Glad I saw your close up photos 🙂 x


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