Me and Mine {April 2016}

It’s been a busy April for us, we started it on holiday which saw us travelling all over the UK and the month finished in London on our first trip there  as a family. It’s been great having some quality time together and making some memories and we are definitely happiest when out and about

The hectic month has started to take its toll though, I’m in desperate need of sleep and rest as my throat has started to play up and J is starting to cough again, so aside from the bank holiday weekend I think May will be a quiet one, obviously with a few walks and adventures but maybe on a scaled back level

Mid-month we decided to venture somewhere new for a walk and ended up at Micheldever Woods north of Winchester, bluebells have sprung and there were carpets of colour throughout the woods, the best level of bluebells I’ve seen in a long time, and I vowed to go back again to take my monthly photo with the family

The following week we did just that, my mother-in-law was home for the weekend and came along with us for a walk at our new found woods and stood to the side of the photo as we took it. After the initial shots were complete I asked her to join in with a photo so although they are mostly us I wanted to include her too on this months photos

These are the first photos this year that we haven’t worn coats, the south has been so warm and sunny and on more than one occasion we’ve not even had to wear jumpers, although the last few days it’s been pretty chilly and the coats have crept back in much to our dismay. Shortly before the photo J fell over and has the muddiest knees, her face was a picture when she fell and she made us laugh quite a lot!

I really love these photos, the dog is looking at the camera in one of the shots and there’s lots of colour and smiles amongst us. We included an outtake photo again this month and a shot of J using the remote. I love having the perfect family photo but I also love having the not so perfect side of us to see to each month.

The hubster also decided to have a silly shot and told us all to kick our legs and you can see Lexi looking at us as if we are mad. I love my little family and that we are now documenting portrait photos

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2 thoughts on “Me and Mine {April 2016}

  1. Louise

    Gorgeous photos and what a beautiful location for them – that one where you’re all kicking your legs out is very funny. Hope that May is a less hectic month for you – sounds like April has been a lovely one even if you now need to recover from it!


  2. Carie

    Oh what a gorgeous spot! The bluebell theme is strong this month and no surprise, it just makes such a pretty backdrop!


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