A Return to Normality {Ordinary Moments Week 22 – 29/5/16}

The past few weeks I’ve taken a bit of a blogging hiatus, I haven’t really had the energy to blog, and I haven’t taken any photos or been out

The reason? I had a pretty bad chest infection which has plagued me since the end of April. Mid May the pain got pretty bad and it turns out I have pleurisy, a complication which comes from a chest infection that brings a whole host of additional issues. Further investigation is now required if the pain continues, but at least it explains why it’s not clearing up and why I’ve not felt not felt like me

In the blogging world we quite often like to talk about the nice side of life, the side when we are happily spending time with our families or doing the things we love, and instead I’ve spent most of my free time mulling about on the sofa, praying desperately for my body to return to some kind of normal whilst the hubster takes J and Lexi out and lets me rest

I haven’t wanted to write in the last few weeks as I don’t want people to feel sorry for me and let’s face it, being ill isn’t exactly ground breaking reading. Deep down I really am pretty scared, but I really don’t want J or anyone else to see it, and I’ve found that the easiest mode to achieve this was silence. Although it’s only been a fortnight without writing in my little online diary it  really does feel like a lifetime without my blog and I’m ready to get back into it now I’m feeling a bit better

Things are by no means anywhere near normal in our house, but the hubster could tell that I was starting to get a little stir crazy this week and took us out for a surprise evening pizza picnic on Tuesday. I actually didn’t do much, I was exhausted and sat and watched the girls run around, but it was my first outing in the great outdoors and I’ve missed it so much. Watching J being carefree and exploring with Lexi really made me smile and was just what was needed

On Saturday we had a child free day and visited Guildford, our favourite town in Surrey, before stopping along the South Downs for a very brief walk by some fields to get me a little bit of fresh air. These are a few iPhone photos from the past week as everything else has been left at home but here’s to a healthy June and some normality in the house.

One thought on “A Return to Normality {Ordinary Moments Week 22 – 29/5/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    I’m so sorry you have been poorly and it sounds like it has been quite frightening, I hope you feel better soon and life returns even more to normal. These are some lovely photos, I especially love the first one. The dogs face is a picture! xx


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