Ladybug Letters – 3 years and 6 months

Wow, you are 3 and a half years already. I haven’t written to you since you turned 3 and I feel a little sad that many memories have been missed from this series of posts. I knew this month would be another big date in the calendar as you’re now closer to 4 than 3, and 4 years ago we were just about to announce to our friends and family that we were expecting you

What have we done this month?

I’m not going to lie, not a lot. I spent most of the month in bed, resting on the sofa and you all stripped things back and looked after me. You and daddy spent a lot of time together and visited Paultons Park and a couple of Country Parks but I didn’t feature much in the plans

A lot of weekends have been spent in the garden, at the beginning of the month Nanny Sharon and Aunty Shell helped to clear it and it’s been so nice actually being able to use our outdoors area, in fact we’ve had a couple of BBQ’s since clearing it and it’s been great having friends and family over and sitting outside. I appreciate it, its not the nicest looking garden, but there’s a big area to play and many people aren’t as lucky as us to have an outdoor area

We have continued swimming lessons every week and at the end of May you were awarded your first badge and certificate since going in the water with the instructor without us. Booking these lessons are by far one of the best things I have done. From our Center Parcs break in March when you developed a fear in the water and wouldn’t leave our sides, to now, a child who lies on her back and swims, dunks her head under water and listens intently to what you’re being told, makes me such a proud mummy

After bumping into your Aunty Imo at Nanny and Grandads house your Grandad Jeff decided he wanted us to all go out for a family meal one night. He explained that he missed seeing us all together although the only date we could all get together was a Friday night after work and nursery. You were tired but very well behaved and it was nice to catch up with everyone including Aunty Imo and Andy


What’s been my favourite moment?

I taught you how to hopscotch. You’ve been practising jumping and hopping every since you were shown and you have got so much better as the weeks have gone on. It’s such a simple childhood activity but it’s great to watch and also good to get other people to play with you

FullSizeRender (1)

What’s been difficult

Being a mum has been difficult this month. It sounds pretty melodramatic but when you’re not well for a few days it’s hard but you cope, when you’re not well for a whole month, well that’s another matter. Simple things like trying to run around after you and play with you in Nanny’s garden this weekend showed me that I am still not 100%, I had to stop after less than 5 minutes and it upsets me so much, but thankfully your Daddy has stepped in and played with you for quite a while. He’s helped pretty much every time he’s seen me struggle or thinks I need to stop and take a rest 


What has made me laugh

Mid month you started getting out of bed after we had put you in it, getting literally every single one of your teddies and getting back in to sleep with them all. Most nights we came up to check on you before going to bed and you had practically disappeared under the mound of teddies

It was very cute but we had to stop it when you were taking longer and longer to get into bed and settle. On the night we decided to put a stop to it I walked in and you froze on the spot, staring at me like a rabbit caught in headlights and said “I love you mummy” (code for you knowing you were in the wrong and didn’t want to get into trouble!) I managed to keep it together and sternly told you to get into bed and go to sleep but as soon as I got back downstairs we laughed a lot about you being such a monkey!


What has made me cry

At the end of the month you had a sleepover at Nanny Iris’s house and I had a cry when I walked to the car with Daddy. You didn’t cry, you told me you would miss me and waved us off before going on an adventure with your Nanny. It gave me some much needed time with your Daddy, although I didn’t like the emptiness in the house when we came home and went to bed. When we picked you up it was so nice to hear all about your adventures with her although you said you had missed us lots and spent most of the following day cuddling up to us which was nice


What will I remember most

At the beginning of May we went to your first ever “festival” and had such a great time that we booked Camp Bestival tickets which we are all now very excited about going to. It was only a 1 day festival but it was perfect as the sun shone and the music was great. You walked in and started dancing straight away, while we stood and watched you. I had a real proud moment there and then and thought “that’s my girl”. I used to do a lot of festivals before being a mum, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do with you but never knowing what the right age would be. It really was one of the moments that will stand in my mind for a long time 


I’m really hoping that June brings better health and many more happy memories, and I look forward to writing more of these letters to you as frequently as possible

Here’s one of my favourite photos of us this month. I love you my girl xxx


One thought on “Ladybug Letters – 3 years and 6 months

  1. Memeandharri

    What a lovely post – I would quite like to visit a festival with my girls it sounds like you had a lovely time. That picture in bed made me giggle, Meme covers herself with teddies – they are funny aren’t they!

    I sometimes crave a bit of alone time with hubbie but when we get it it just feels too quiet I’m not sure we like it!


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