Me and Mine {May 2016}

Health wise, May was a bad month for me. Family wise, it was a great month. We pulled together, I was looked after by my little crew and everyone seemed to rally round. It was one of those months where you feel very thankful to have such a good circle of friends and family

We spent many occasions curled up on the sofa or in the garden, something we really haven’t done since moving into our house 4 years ago and it was simply because the hubster and J wanted to be near me, and also because I really couldn’t do much else. There were quite a few days where I was just left at home to rest and I did miss the family, but knew that it was more important to recover while they had lots of adventures

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a couple of blogs with beautiful photos in ‘yellow fields’ and I decided I wanted to create my own photos in this beautiful setting. I set about trying to locate the nearest ones to us and it turns out there aren’t any, so the hubster agreed that as soon as I was feeling back on form we could go to the nearest ones I could find which involved a bit of a drive!

On Bank Holiday Monday, right at the last minute, we made a trip over to the South Downs to capture our photos for this month’s family portrait project. J’s favourite colour is yellow and we told her we were taking her somewhere special for a treat. Her face was a picture when we showed her the yellow fields and she erupted into the biggest smile. Even if we didn’t get our pictures, that smile was worth the long trip itself. I love that J is at an age when simple things like a field in her favourite colour makes her happy

Yellow - 1Yellow - 6Yellow - 7

We had our good friend RH with us on the day as we had plans for a walk and picnic in the local town afterwards. She may not be a blood relative but she’s like family to us and has been there since J entered our household so we asked her to join us for a photo. She moves up north in a few months and our lives will have a big void in it without her being there on a day to day basis, so we are trying to capture as much time with her as possible before she heads off

At this point in the photos Lexi was getting heavy in the hubsters arms and J had been sat on my shoulders for a good few minutes making me feel as though I was sinking into the ground, but we still had a good laugh and I love how close and happy we all look

Yellow - 9

No outtake for this month but I simply had to include this photo of my girls to finish. You can see in this picture just how much J loves Lexi, they really are the best of friends at the moment. As we put J to bed at the end of the day we asked her what her favourite part of the day was and she said going for a dog walk with us all. Perfect words for a perfect outing.

Yellow - 13

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