X-rays and Chickenpox {Ordinary Moments Week 25 – 19/6/16}

Normally I would spend today, Fathers Day, talking about my dad and the hubster and how amazing they both are, they really are fantastic, but it’s been a weird few months and this week I’ve relied on the hubster a bit more than normal

Most people know I’ve been plagued by illness since April and as such, the house has had to find a new type of ‘normal’. Life, activities, photography and blogging have all taken a back seat while I’ve tried to rest. We thought light was at the end of the tunnel when the other week I was finally starting to feel like ‘me’ again but it would seem my body has other ideas

After a visit to the doctors on Tuesday I was referred for an urgent X-ray and blood tests. It turns out I won’t be back to my normal self for quite some time, lung infections seem to take forever to clear, and I’m on yet another round of antibiotics. The hubster, being his usual amazing self, stepped in again and gave me my marching orders, to rest and do very little while he took charge

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week J became clingy and started to go off her food. We didn’t think much of it until she woke up screaming on Thursday night and we all had an unsettled nights sleep. On Friday morning we saw several angry red spots on her skin and realised the dreaded chickenpox had finally arrived in the Cook household(!)

I spent Friday off work with her and we spent the entire day in our pyjamas on the sofa chilling together, relaxing as best we could and cuddling up whilst trying to avoid making my little water bottle hotter and watching more and more angry red spots appear


The thing with being a parent is you just don’t switch off, life is one big worry; whether it’s that they’re too hot, too cold, somethings not right, or even when they say something in passing about nursery. Some nights it keeps me awake for far too long, and last night was like no other with the hubster snoring next to me as I listened for every sound she made to try and settle my worry

I’m pleased to say that our little ‘spotty dotty’ as we’ve nicknamed her has spent today tearing up my cousin’s house and feeling mostly back to her normal self, despite our constant pleas to stop her from scratching! Whoever recommended oats in tights in the bath is my hero and fingers crossed we’ll be out the other side very soon

Everyone in my family has been very helpful with our little ladybug the past few days and hopefully by midweek that should be us and chickenpox done! The hubster has been fantastic throughout the week, looking after us both and wearing himself out, and he really is an amazing man and we are so very lucky

These aren’t the most glamorous of photos this week but they’re a reflection of our real life and moments of parenthood. I’ve noticed just how grown up J is starting to look, and the photo at the top was taken on Wednesday before the spots arrived.

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9 thoughts on “X-rays and Chickenpox {Ordinary Moments Week 25 – 19/6/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh bless you lovely, you are having a rough old time of it. I hope that you continue to rest and feel better soon and I hope that your spotty dotty is free from chicken pox soon! Mads has had it quite badly, but LL literally just got a spot, so we are wondering whether she will get it again. And of course we have LB who will no doubt get it one day! xx


    • Sherry

      I couldn’t imagine having two of them with it, that’s for sure. She wasn’t too bad in the end but was climbing the walls after being housebound for 5 days! x


  2. Mary Smith

    So sorry to hear that you have been so ill and still have more to battle. My oh my illness as a parent at the best of times is hard work, let alone with something so long and serious. I wish you well and hope you can gain recovery soon. And man what timing for the Pox… poor you! Hope the kids are coping well and you too, and by the way I love pics of real family life, because it isn’t always plain sailing, happy and clean faces and fine and dandy! x


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