A Blogging Hiatus {Ordinary Moments – 9/10/16}

My last post on here was June 2016 which was over 3 months ago. A lot has happened and changed in those 3 months – probably far too much to mention. My Timehop frequently  pops up the blog post I created the previous year and I am often reminded of the amazing memories we made, or how much J has changed. I just want to kick myself for not recording those beautiful moments as frequently this year

After 3 months off, I am back with a fresh mind, I no longer feel unwell, and I am focused and recharged, ready to continue my online diary, knowing that I will continue to look back on J’s childhood fondly as I do when these little reminders pop up

The other day I was chatting to someone and they said how happy they were that Autumn was bringing with it some sun as Summer was a wash out. I had to disagree with him, not about Autumn (it is by far my most favourite season) but about the summer. I remember long sunny days, going through bottles of suncream, fun in the water, at the park and probably too many ice creams to mention. Yes there was the odd wet day, but it was the warmest July and August that I can remember for a long, long time. Quite simply, a beautiful summer here in the south

Of course, with every day, week and month that passes there will always be moments which weren’t perfect, where there were tears, frustration and even anger. It would be foolish to suggest that every single day of summer was perfect, but memory recall seems to cherry pick the good elements we can reflect on, and that works for me

Summer 2016 included a child free trip to North Devon, with spectacular waterfalls and cobbled streets, an impromptu visit to West Wittering after work which saw the most beautiful beach sunset, trips to Alton Towers and  Legoland, and driving adventures in the New Forest (I got lost) which saw us stumble upon the Stick Man trail and left us far too excited!

The most vivid memory of the entire summer took place on our first ever trip to Camp Bestival on the Sunday afternoon whilst listening to KT Tunstall. I was at the front with J in my arms in the late afternoon sun and as I was dancing she fell asleep on me for the first time since she was a baby. I felt totally and utterly content, watching one of my favourite acts from my youth, with my beautiful daughter on me at the end of an amazing weekend. It really was one of those moments which will stay with me forever – every time I think about it I am transported right back there to that moment

It would be wrong for me to start afresh and pretend that the summer didn’t happen, we are well into autumn, with crisp cold sun, leaves on the ground and pumpkins everywhere, but for now here is summer 2016 in pictures. Our summer of ordinary moments bringing extraordinary memories, and once again, the beginning of my online diary begins…

Zany Zebras in Southampton
We had a great day exploring my hometown
J enjoys podded peas more than she does strawberry picking

Beautiful Clovelly and Spekes Mill Mouth Waterfall, North Devon

Jet Ski Fun at Center Parcs
Pony riding at Center Parcs – I love these tumbling curls
Clowning around at a summer Family Fun Day
With her friend at the summer Family Fun Day

L-R Top – Beach Fun at West Wittering, a chilly windy day at Hill Head

L-R Bottom – Fun on the Stick Man Trail, and cuddles at Paultons Park

Camp Bestival – this was one of the best places we have been as a family, we had the best time, this is also the most expensive bubble wand we’ve purchased but it really was amazing
Lizzie’s Way at Camp Bestival – so many amazing things to do for the little ones
Running up the hill in the National Trust field at Camp Bestival
Fun with her daddy – festivals aren’t really his thing but he was impressed with how catered to children Camp Bestival was, it really was the best first family festival
This girl did amazing, and just sat eating her porridge every morning after a great night sleeping in a tent
Fun at Camp Bestival
There were so many amazing things to see and do – I really love Camp Bestival
I had my first ever visit to the Lavender Fields – it was beautiful and I can’t wait to take J with me next year
My friend has asked for these photos for her wall – that’s a great honour
A drive to Niagra Falls
A trip to the Devils Punchbowl
My little budding photographer took this – it’s unedited, and I think it’s perfect. Its of me, mum and my sister
This shot sums up summer for me – fun at the beach and lots of play in the sand

We visited Victorious Festival for the first time with our good friend RH. J loved it but was collected in the evening, leaving us to enjoy the rest of it child free – Travis and the Editors were amazing

Sunset at Victorious Festival
This was my favourite evening of the whole summer – I collected J from nursery and we drove down to West Wittering, where my mum and dad had been for the day. It was beautiful sun, the last day of August and J ran around carefree giggling as the sun lowered
West Wittering
The last beach sunset of summer against my girl

So there we have it, summer 2016 in not nearly enough photos as I took. It had it’s highs, it had it’s lows, but overall, it was beautiful.

Linking up with Katie and her beautiful and amazing Ordinary Moments feature, which I have read, along with many other blogs, from afar the last few months!

7 thoughts on “A Blogging Hiatus {Ordinary Moments – 9/10/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh Sherry firstly I have missed reading your blog! It’s funny when someone you feel like you know disappears but I am glad you are back now and are feeling better. It looks like you had the most wonderful summer full of memories and these photos are all stunning, the lavender ones are gorgeous. I have always wanted to go to camp Bestival, it looks like so much fun. x


    • Sherry

      Thank you so much for this, it made me smile reading it. I was very nervous writing the post, wondering if people would remember me or not but it’s so nice to be back. Camp Bestival really was amazing and I will definitely be planning on going again next year x


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