Butser Hill {Ordinary Moments 16/10/16}

Every time I have driven along the A3 by Petersfield I have always admired Butser Hill, one of the highest chalk hills in Hampshire, and sworn that I would walk it one day. Over the years, it just didn’t happen and I really was not interested in taking a buggy or a toddler up the hill, so I’ve been waiting for the right moment to do it

We had a mummy daughter day planned for the Saturday so I set about convincing her to walk it with me. She’s a massive fan of St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester so it didn’t take much, especially when I told her it was the “biggest hill I’ve ever seen!”

After a sat nav mishap I finally ended up at Queen Elizabeth Country Park with a sleeping J in the car, not quite how I planned it but she soon woke up, had one of her favourite things to do on an outing – a car picnic – and then we set off on our little adventure

We soon found the hill and her face was an absolute picture, I really do wish I had captured it. She was so excited to climb this gigantic hill, saying hello to the sheep as we entered the field holding my hand as we went on. I was quietly glad I didn’t take Lexi for this reason – she’s a big fan of sheep and we’ve had to chase her across Dartmoor as she chased them previously when a puppy, not my greatest moment as a dog owner


J’s enthusiasm started to wane as we started to move further up the hill and she stopped on several occasions for a rest. I must add the reason she has a cheap plastic skeleton in every photo is because we are in the process of nighttime dryness and she’s been amazing this past week. I promised her she could select any toy she wanted today and as soon as we walked in the first shop she picked a pack of 2 plastic skeletons up and decided that would be her “toy”. Who am I to stop her having it even though it’s pretty pointless, she was happy, learned about our bones and she would not let it go the entire route. It even went to bed with her tonight!

We had a couple of races against each other up the hill and the views we had of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and West Sussex were as beautiful as I thought they would be. Sods law would dictate that as we were within breathing distance of the very top she gave up and it started to rain, so we turned back round and started the walk back after a few minutes of jumping about, laughing and taking photos

I’m so glad my little sidekick loves being outdoors, and I am so glad she was there with me the first time I ventured up the hill, although I will be doing it again without her – just to get to the top and fully enjoy the views.


My little photographer in the making. I am struggling to keep hold of my camera, but she really loves it and has a great eye
Unedited, a rare one of me, J took this without assistance and I actually really like it
Cheering at the top
Racing back to the car

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3 thoughts on “Butser Hill {Ordinary Moments 16/10/16}

  1. mummydaddyme

    it sounds like you had a lovely time together and what a beautiful setting. J took a fantastic photo of you, really lovely and I love that she is carrying round a plastic skeleton. That is so the kind of thing my girls would want as their treat too! x


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