Pumpkins and a Perfect Day {Ordinary Moments 23/10/16}

You know when you have a day that goes so well that you wish you could run it over and over again, remembering every moment again and how it made you feel? You want to desperately cling to that day, the atmosphere, the experiences and most of all, the little being that just makes it all it is. This Wednesday was one of those days

J woke me up at 715am with a big smile and cuddle, and we chilled together on the bed with breakfast and our devices for a while, snuggling up to watch her cartoons and laughing at the silly jokes within them. We had made our plans the night before; J had asked to go and pick a pumpkin, then go for a walk, before having her swimming lessons, and thats what we set out to do

We have been going to pick your own since J was little and I have always been an advocate for it – we don’t grow our own vegetables and I hate the idea of J thinking food only comes from a supermarket shelf, so for her to be able to go and choose her food and pick it fresh, well that for me is perfect. It also gets her excited about eating fruit and veg which is pretty amazing too!

As we pulled up she set her sights on pumpkins by the farm shop and I explained to her that she was in fact picking one from the field as we have done previously. That initially took a little persuasion until she saw the wheelbarrow we would be using and she instantly wanted to push it. Before long she gave up pushing it and climbed in and we sang songs and giggled in the Autumn sun. I really am loving the weather at the moment, the days may be getting shorter, and rain is probably just around the corner but this is by far my favourite season


We soon arrived at the fields and my they really are a sight, rows and rows of what looks like abandoned pumpkins. They look beautiful in the sun, and pretty spectacular in all of the photos I have seen over the last few weeks

I tried to help her choose one but she instead decided that was her responsibility and instead spent ages choosing the ‘right’ one for me, settling on a rather large one without a stalk


Having never picked corn on the cob with her before I also decided that we would also head to the rows and pick what was left after the summer season. This was initially daunting for her and it did feel claustrophobic at times, but she soon found her stride, choosing the best corn and collecting as many as she possibly could in her little arms

We ended up leaving with 10 freshly picked corn on the cobs, which she was so excited about eating that we ended up having most of them that evening. All in all we came away with 2 pumpkins, the sweetcorn and a butternut squash, all for less than £8 and she kept telling everyone all about her trip to the pumpkin and sweetcorn fields and showing them her treasure



We then took a drive up to her favourite place for a walk, laughing as we climbed the hill, playing ball games and chasing each other, before stopping for a car picnic which is also one of her favourite things to do, and then a swimming lesson in the afternoon

With working full time I often worry that I may miss out on key moments with her, but actually I think it pushes us to make the most of the time we have together. We didn’t do any large scale activity or anything ridiculously expensive, but it ran so smoothly and we both had such a lovely time, that it really will stay in my mind for a long time (and so will the masses of pumpkin we are working through!)

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19 thoughts on “Pumpkins and a Perfect Day {Ordinary Moments 23/10/16}

  1. Cheryl TimeToCraft (@CherylInTheUK)

    This is such a lovely post. I love that you encourage her to appreciate where food actually comes from. I bet they were the sweetest sweetcorn too.There is something about picking pumpkins that children take very seriously. Good choice on taking one with a stalk. They store better. Although I suspect yours will be carved all too soon. #CountryKids


  2. Carie

    Oh what a lovely adventure – and a fabulous pumpkin! I know what you mean about the worry of the full time working mum, it’s plagues me in the still of the night too but I agree that it pushes you to make sure that the time you do have together is all the more fun 🙂


  3. Hannah

    It sounds like a perfect day. We did grow our own pumpkins this year but I really feel like we are missing out on the pumpkin field experience so we are heading to a farm to pick one from there too! I love that they gave you a wheelbarrow and that you picked some sweetcorn too, fresh sweetcorn is delicious xx


  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Beautiful photos. J looks like she was having a wonderful time picking pumpkins and corn and I love the photo of her carrying the pumpkins. I grew up living opposite a farm and have happy memories of running up and down the corn fields (although we shouldn’t really have been there – there was a gap in the fence that we used to squeeze through and go exploring!) Can’t beat freshly picked corn on the cob 🙂 #countrykids


  5. Donna

    We have never been pumpkin picking but it really does look like you had the perfect day. I love those days, where you just want to bottle it and hold onto it forever! x


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