The Simple Things in Life

I am forever saying it, Autumn really is my favourite season. As soon as the leaves start falling I am instantly transported back to my childhood of kicking leaves, forever finding the piles at the side of the path to kick back out and admiring the pretty colours on the trees

It’s followed through to adulthood, and I am always desperate to get out and explore this beautiful season, with the colours and the leaves on the ground making it feel magical. This weekend I arranged for J and I to go for a walk with my cousin and her daughter to some woods nearby, something we try and do every couple of months in amongst our busy lives

As soon as we arrived the girls started walking off together and we soon found some chestnuts on the floor. I had given J a bag to collect a variety of leaves on our little adventure and the girls started collecting them and filling the bags. J was so engrossed and carried on filling her bag and staying put, even after we had started to walk further down the hill. In fact she was there for so long she practically filled the bag by the time she decided to rejoin us


I am in awe of this little girl, she looks so grown up and so beautiful, I hope she continues to love her curls

We walked through the woods, crossing ‘rivers’ and ‘bog’ and racing to the clearing in the trees, laughing and tickling each other with ‘giant ferns’ that had been collected from the forest along the way. We attempted to catch leaves blowing from the trees in the wind, visited some of the dens that had been made, and jumped from tree stumps throughout the woods

As I looked back through my photos on Sunday evening I knew I just had to record them on my little online diary. They are quite possibly some of my favourite photos of this year and they sum up everything I love about this beautiful season; crisp skies, beautiful colours, scarves, woolly hats, wellies, gorgeous sun and filling bags and pockets full of leaves and chestnuts


It really is the simple things in life, and if J remembers these days as well as I do from my childhood, hopefully she will also have the same pull to get out and enjoy the beauty that Autumn brings us when she’s older.

Country Kids

12 thoughts on “The Simple Things in Life

  1. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    What beautiful photos, it sounds magical. I do love this time of year – it’s a great time to spend in nature #countrykids


  2. domesstique

    I was raised in a country where there is no autumn and I am glad I am able to raise my girl where there is autumn. It’s my favourite time of the year and best time to be outdoors too. Your girl is beautiful. I am sure she will remember all these in the future. ❤


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