A Witches Outfit {Ordinary Moments 30/10/16}

J has never really been one for dressing up, she has phases where she will put her yellow Belle dress on, or her Anna from Frozen dress, but in general she loves her jeans and leggings and nothing over the top of her clothes when out. Until this week, when she found her love for being a witch!

With Halloween looming and J’s constant growing (she’s at chest height on me now) we had to buy a new Halloween outfit, this year settling for a witch with a broomstick. I gave the witches outfit to her on Tuesday night and she has worn it nearly every day since, practicing her witches cackle and making people jump. It really has been her favourite thing this week

I had to include this, does anyone remember Chandler’s ‘smile’ in friends? …

On Wednesday we decided to visit Paultons Park with our annual passes. They will soon close their midweek days and winter is just far too hectic for us on the weekends. J of course wore her witches dress and had her photos taken with several team members in fancy dress throughout the day before taking me on several rides including a very wet log ride

I really love Paultons Park and have never been before during Halloween, the theming was great and the Monster’s Ball shows were great fun too. As you can imagine in half term it was busy, but the sun was out and J was happy to queue for the rides she wanted. We ended up having our sandwiches in the rather long queue to have her photos taken with her heroes, Peppa and George but it was totally worth it as she continued to talk about it



On Saturday we went to Beaulieu fireworks for the first time since having J, and for her first real encounter with fireworks. She wanted to wear her witches outfit and asked if I could go with her as a witch and I was happy to oblige. I pulled out the green face paint for me, asked her what colour she wanted and she instantly lit up and said that she wanted to be the same as mummy – a wicked witch


Normally we have a quiz night for Halloween and miss the Beaulieu fireworks but this year the quiz is having a break and all i can say is that the Beaulieu fireworks are the best I have seen in the UK. We had an amazing evening, from walking into the starbucks as witches before we set off,  to when we wandered round the Beaulieu estate before J’s first ‘proper’ encounter with fireworks

I recorded her reaction and although the video isn’t spectacular in quality as it was dark it captures the magic in my daughter’s eyes, the moment she first saw fireworks, and it brings a tear to my eye. Fireworks are one of my most favourite things, and to see them through a childs eyes and watch her face literally light up, well thats something I’ll never forget. My little witch watching the fireworks.

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