As Easy as Riding a Bike {Ordinary Moments 6/11/16}

Motherhood never came naturally to me, some days it’s a real hard slog and I just don’t know what to do with myself, or J for that matter, and other days… well it brings a whole host of emotions that make everything  and every little struggle totally worth it

This weekend had one of those days – from start to finish it was just perfect, and it included one of those childhood milestones that as a parent you never forget

My 3 year old learned how to ride a bike

That little sentence just there makes my heart swell with pride. I am the proudest, happiest and most amazed mum right now

J has been edging towards riding without stabilisers on the toy bike at nursery and this weekend we decided it was time to take her stabilisers off her bike and take her to a park to ‘officially’ let her learn to ride it

She initially was a little cautious – the nursery bikes are pretty different and the ground was uneven at the park so we took her to the tennis courts. With Duffy in the back and a little directional help from daddy she was soon off! In fact after  the second attempt she started telling him to run in front of her so that she could chase him on it

I watched her from the middle of the court, observing her moving from tentatively riding with a wobble here and there, to confidently cycling around the tennis courts, using her brakes and manoeuvring in circles around us. Tears of pride streaming down my face as she grew happier and more confident, telling us each time she was doing it with excitement in her voice


It was one of those moments that I’ll never forget, and one of those moments that we just had to record on video. She sounds so proud of herself, and rightly so. The quality isn’t that great as it was an iPhone video, but it’s a moment in time I’ll treasure forever

This morning I woke to a notification telling me that 3 years ago today she took her first steps, and almost to the day she learned how to ride a bike. A lot really has happened in those 3 years, but one thing is for sure, she will continue to make my heart swell with pride and continue to make me a mum who cries with happiness.

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6 thoughts on “As Easy as Riding a Bike {Ordinary Moments 6/11/16}

  1. Hannah

    Well done J, shes doing so well, she looks very proud of herself! I love that her teddy Duffy is having a ride in the back. My little lady has one of those seats and loves to take her teddies on rides too!

    Liked by 1 person

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