Family Outings {Ordinary Moments – 13/11/16}

On one of the few sunny days we’ve had this week we took the opportunity to venture to a country park with my mum so that she could watch J on her bike after her very excitedly telling her Nanny all about learning to ride without stabilisers

I have memories of my mum walking for hours upon hours most days with her dog(s), but this year that had to take a back seat as she hurt her foot. In fact mum has done very little walking and we’ve been desperate to drag her out with us as she was a permanent fixture in the early days of J

Within minutes of parking the car up and showing J the safe places to ride she was off on her bike like a pro! In fact I started jogging to keep up with her (I knew running club would pay off for me somehow). She rode around people and gates, rang her bell and it was like she’d been doing it for years. She did take her first tumble but jumped up declaring ‘I’m not hurt!’ and that was it, she was off again

We walked for a bit and decided to stop for a quick hot chocolate and refuel, letting J play in the park and having a laugh with each other before heading back to the car. A simple yet lovely outing



As walks with mum haven’t happened much I asked for a family photo to be taken of the 3 generations of females finally out together for a walk. Looking back at it when we got home I realised it’s one of my favourite pictures of mum, me and J

It’s only an iPhone photo and J is slightly blurred (one day she will stand still!), but it’s a moment in time and something to remember from a pretty momentous  weekend. One with beautiful Autumn skies, glowing sun and a little girl (and Duffy the bear) on her bike


As the week has gone on the trees are looking bare having shed their beautiful colours and the weather has turned, but we’re looking forward to more family adventures with our family, hopefully with my dad joining us today. For now though…mum we’ve missed you!

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8 thoughts on “Family Outings {Ordinary Moments – 13/11/16}

  1. Tracey @ Mummyshire

    What a great opening shot of all those leaves – I love a carpet of leaves and just before they all get wet and soggy, too! It sounds lovely that your Mum managed to get out with you (and keep up!) – I hope her foot gets fully better soon. And how sweet that she has her teddy on the back of her bike, aww! Looks like she’s having an awesome time outdoors.
    Great family shot even if it is a little blurry; you’ll always remember the sentiment!


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