Autumn Sun

In just 2 weeks the trees have shed their leaves, the weather has changed and we’ve seen a lot more rain than normal, and it feels as though winter is showing it’s harsh side to us. Most people dislike winter but I am definitely not one of those people, in fact I love it; cold walks leaving you with rosy cheeks and red noses, hot chocolates, casseroles and cosy warm homes to return to

The parks are also generally empty of the fair-weather walkers leaving you more space to explore and not worry about your dog ruining peoples picnics. It’s my second favourite season after Autumn, I mean who doesn’t love the colours, the sun and the glow in the afternoon Autumn gives you, when it’s not quite cold enough for coats, but cold enough for a body warmer and bobble hat

A few weeks ago J learned to ride her bike and was desperate to show her granddad her newfound skill on one of his days off work. She  showed off her growing confidence on the bike, riding around cones and to the end of the track, waiting patiently each time for us to catch up. We settled once again for hot chocolates, a play in the children’s area and a catch up before heading back to the car. The sky was clear and crisp, and there was a lovely feel amongst the families out and about in the beautiful yellow sun


30 years together and still happy ad growing strong, I love these two

On the way back we stopped in one of the fields to capture some photos of us all. My dad hasn’t been out for a walk with us since January 2015 so I took the opportunity of everyone being together and bought the large camera out with us for a group photo

As for theses pictures, well I love them and they make me laugh and smile. They’re not everyone’s  cup of tea in terms of exposure, but they’re so typical of our family – perfect for the imperfections, and it was a great day out had by all.


I love this photo of J poking her head through her daddy’s knees
Duffy the Bear joined in the family photo too
She just loves using the remote, I’m actually taking the photo but she thinks she is


The cheekiness of this girl is unbelievable, but I wouldn’t change it for the world

Linking with Fiona at Coombe Mill for Country Kids

Country Kids

10 thoughts on “Autumn Sun

  1. Coombe Mill

    I love your attitude to the season and your zest for the outdoors that comes through in this post. I have really enjoyed seeing these photos drip through on Instagram over the past week and it’s great to see the photos and more now in context with this post. Little J looks such a character and picking up a healthy love of the outdoors and nature from you. Teddy on the swing is still one of my favourites. It reminds me I want to make a cardboard Teddy swing in Activity Hour soon, perhaps with a Teddy picnic.

    Thank you for sharing a lovely post on #CountryKids and providing me with a little inspiration too.


  2. twotinyhands

    Oh brilliant photos and what memories captured, definitely a cheeky one there! I’ll 2nd that love this season, wrapped up warm it’s perfect!! #countrykids


  3. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Hehe I love your photos, it looks like everyone had lots of fun, especially teddy. I do love this time of year #CountryKids


  4. chocolateandwineandillbefine

    Aww I am completely with you there. Winter is amazing and also my second favourite season. I am not a hot weather girl in any way! What lovely photos, such a good idea to take a full family photo, I really must try and take some soon as I don’t have any! #CountryKids


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