The First Haircut {Ordinary Moments 27/11/16}

We have been a poorly household for the past fortnight, last weekend cutting our break away short and this week spending much of it curled up in bed. As the weekend approached we all had the remains of a cold and rattly chests, but life still goes on doesn’t it? Especially as we have a very special birthday and holiday just around the corner

We had agreed that J would have her hair cut before she turned 4, we’ve known she needed it for a while now, it’s become really knotty at the bottom and the ends just looked in bad condition. We were so worried by having it cut she would lose those beautiful tumbling curls and each week we kept putting it off soon turned into months. With her 4th birthday only a few days away we finally decided to book her in to a hairdressers designed for children. J was initially very apprehensive about going in, worrying that they would cut too much off, but we reassured her it wouldn’t be cut short. Her tumbling curls are one of her most vivid and beautiful features, and we would all be horrified to see them disappear.

 Thankfully we were a bit early so she watched a little girl have her hair styled and a boy have his cut and then it was her turn. She sat in the yellow car (obviously), her exceptionally long legs barely fitting in them and asked for Paw Patrol on the screen. The hairdresser asked us how much we wanted off and she blurted out “not much!” before we could say similar, echoing J’s thoughts

We agreed that she would take the damaged bits off and as she was doing so she explained that they were the baby curls and thats why it was so different to the rest of her hair, they were the first sprouts of hair that she ever had. I have to say that took me aback  and all of a sudden there was a pull for me to stop it, but she had already started cutting and J was sat there proudly munching on a biscuit

Because her hair was wet and put into a fishtail plait (at J’s request) we didn’t actually see how much had come off, but looking at her hair when dry it’s actually about 2 inches, her hair no longer touches her bottom and instead rises up her back. I don’t know why it makes me emotional, but I long for that length again and at the time it didn’t look or feel much

J was a real trooper and completely chuffed with her certificate and locks of hair which will go in her memory box. She showed and told everyone as soon as she could and was proudly telling the world of her hair cut asking when she could go back. Not for a while my darling, not for a while…

This image was taken in July, her beautiful tumbling curls
A couple of iPhone photos of the occasion, just as it started


The end product, and a very proud daddy in the mirror

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