You are 4 {Ladybug Letters}

Dear J

You are 4! I honestly cannot believe that I am a mummy to a 4 year old. At 3:10am in the morning on the 30th November 2012 you arrived in this world and were placed in my arms shortly after being checked over and cleaned up. It sounds cliche but I always wanted a little girl and even though I was reliably informed at every scan you were a girl I was still convinced you would be a boy, and was reluctant to buy pink clothes just in case

You were the perfect baby, sleeping through the night from 4 weeks old, feeding every 3 hours as directed by the hospital, and were so alert taking everything in with your big, beautiful eyes. The midwife looked at you and said you would be at least 8-8.5lbs because you were so long in length, and we were all shocked that you were a tiny 6lbs 11oz

You were all legs with a long body and very little else bulking you out. Even though you didn’t weigh a lot, you instantly fitted in 0-3 month clothes and skipped the newborn size because of your length. I can honestly say that you haven’t changed, your legs are still amazingly long and your long torso makes it near impossible to find clothes that fit and go past your stomach while not dwarfing your arms but it makes you “you”


You had very little hair when born, with a strawberry birth mark on your head but shortly before you turned 1 your hair started growing and since then the birth mark has been hidden. Your hair was so long that when wet it reached your bottom and when dry has the most beautiful ringlets and looks beautiful once just washed and left down. A few weeks before your 4th birthday we had to finally succumb to getting it cut because it had just become so unruly and the only way it could be managed was to tie it up, but it’s such a gorgeous feature


You have the most deep, lovely blue eyes, which your daddy and I find funny because we have dark eyes. Your glasses have made an amazing improvement to your squint, you are making leaps and bounds with your eye patches, and you realise just how important your glasses are for helping you see the world around you which is great, although they do hide your big beautiful eyes

You didn’t talk much until shortly after your second birthday and my goodness, you simply haven’t stopped since! You talk in the most complex sentences, using the right words in the right manner and tense, and are often reminding us that “I want doesn’t get” and “hate is a very strong word!” (I must think these things through before saying them!) You also sing pretty much all the time, and every time you get into my car you ask for the New York song (Taylor Swift – Welcome to New York) and sit there happily singing along to it as I drive, continually asking me if I can take you to New York one day

FullSizeRender (1)

You have the warmest soul, you are the first to comfort a friend or family member when they are sad, and I am forever being told just how lovely you are and how thoughtful and polite you are. For a 3 year old that screams volumes, and I hope it continues through your childhood. You told me a few months ago that you wanted to be a doctor who looked after poorly throats so that you could look after me and will always call me in first at the doctors. That made me cry, you really are such a considerate little girl and think about everyone

You are also so fiercely determined. You are headstrong, hate people doing things for you and you much prefer to self-teach after being shown a process, and you absolutely despise asking for help. It drives me mad at times, but I see so much of me in you when you are like this that I just have to roll with it (especially as I know how it makes me feel when people try to do things for me)


If anything, it has taught me patience, I now try not to do things for you, but instead take a moment, sit you down and show you, and then you learn by actually doing it. Although you can be hard work at times when doing this, it makes me quietly proud that you already know what you want and how you want to absorb information and learn (I may of course regret this when you’re a teenager and full of hormones)

This past year has seen you have many adventures and many more firsts, including your first time at a festival, your first big girl’s bed, your first time sleeping in a tent, and first time sharing a bedroom for a sleepover when on holiday! You also had your first childhood ailment (the dreaded chickenpox) which you completely took in your stride. I don’t really recall you being ill this year aside from that and the occasional high temperature, and I put it down to you being such an outdoorsy child




You have been to Somerset, visited Center Parcs a couple of times, and went to York and Crewe to stay with family friends throughout the year. Although it was a festival, Camp Bestival was like a little holiday for you and you have kept asking to go back ever since to have another  adventure in a tent! I’m not sure if we will be able to go to Camp Bestival next year, but I definitely want to take you camping at some point next year

Towards the end of you being 3 you learnt to ride your bike without stabilisers and now cycle like a pro. We know in terms of ability and age that is amazing and we are looking forward to many years of going out on our bikes with you. Quite a lot of tears were shed when we witnessed it, we were and still are just the proudest parents


Your best friend in the whole world is your dog Lexi. You are forever asking if you can take her for a walk, always wanting to hold her lead and constantly asking to buy her a treat. In fact in September you purchased a present with your pocket money for her which you wanted to give her for Christmas and it’s sat in my bedroom waiting for you to wrap it up

Lexi’s love for you has grown (although I do think she is still a bit grumpy – and will always remain a bit grumpy – that you disrupted her cushy life) but she now comes to you for licks and cuddles, mainly because you always want to throw the ball for her and are often reminding everyone to feed and walk her, and because of all the treats you like to give her!

IMG_8234img_0297Yellow - 13You have inherited my love for sunsets, beautiful views and the ‘bestest hot chocolate in the world’ (put simply, a hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream after a nice walk) and you could eat plain pasta and sliced uncooked peppers like it is going out of fashion. You adore sausages and bacon but won’t eat ‘meat’ (we haven’t told you the link between the two just yet), and you absolutely demolish anything gingerbread related and have a bit of a smarties obsession

You’ve adored seeing fireworks this year, in fact we took you to 2 displays and one night a couple of weeks after we’d finished seeing the ‘official’ displays elsewhere you called and said you could see them from the bedroom window and your face lit up with amazement – you wouldn’t go to bed until you’d finished watching them. It’s astonishing to see the world for the first time through your eyes and I can’t wait to take you to more displays next year

If you sum up the last 12 months then I can honestly say that at times they were hard, at times I felt I couldn’t be a proper mummy to you for health reasons but they’ve been amazing, you make me smile, make me laugh, make me proud and make me feel honoured to be your mummy

Put simply, I adore you and I have absolutely loved watching and being with you the past year and the past 4 years, and by far 3 has been my favourite age of yours. You are growing into the most beautiful, well rounded girl and I honestly am so proud of you. This year I have been able to talk with you, reason with you, teach you and laugh with you and you’re truly my favourite little person in the world

img_0179mothers - 9

IMG_3034mothers - 1 (1)28812430303_e04098cefd_oimg_6553_29400148346_oIMG_2986image 21img_1071-1img_7032_29335204012_o

My last photo of you as a 3 year old
The day you were born and every birthday party since then

You light up my day and every room you enter is better and brighter because of you

Happy birthday my darling, I love you with all my heart xxx

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