The Gruffalo Trail at Alice Holt Forest

I am forever finding new places through Instagram, with the most recent being Alice Holt Forest in Surrey. Several posts with Gruffalo sculptures in them confirmed it was firmly on the list of places I want to visit over the next 12 months. We decided we couldn’t wait and visited on the Christmas break, taking J’s bike with us as she’s really enjoying it. We love Surrey and through the year we will often make many trips, with Guildford and the Devils Punchbowl high on the list. As we’re in neighbouring Hampshire, it’s a short drive away for a great day out

We asked for assistance at the beginning and were advised that there was no longer a formal Gruffalo trail, instead the easy access trail with the sculptures still in place. As we entered the easy access route we were told “good luck” by a family heading out of it as we had J’s bike. Undeterred we continued but we soon realised why… there were quite a lot of small hills which were challenging for a young child on a bike but J persevered with a lot of help from the hubster


We hadn’t told J why we were going to these woods but we recited the Gruffalo story as we were heading through the trail and soon came across the Gruffalo’s child sculpture. We were all pretty excited, J actually couldn’t believe her eyes and we stopped for a couple of photos before heading on to find the ‘real’ Gruffalo


We took the longer route rather than taking the shortcut to find it which was nice and I even helped push her up the hills. Having J on her bike means we can keep a good pace and cover quite a distance without complaints of legs aching which is quite a novelty although I sense running is in my future as she’s got fast!


After a stop to play on some small hills and a look and hide in dens we arrived at the main Gruffalo sculpture which also had the Stickman next to it. There were so many people there we had to partially queue for photos with the Gruffalo. To be honest I was more excited to see the Stickman sculpture than the rest – it was completely unexpected and J (and other children) looked at me like I was mad when I started reciting the Stickman phrases in my excited manner


We stopped for a play in the park and for a car picnic (on J’s request) before heading home. It was a great day out and I love this time of year – wearing wellies, scarves, winter hats and having crisp walks in frost or winter sun, and even rain. Not a lot of people seem to like winter and I keep seeing lots of comments about wishing spring was here, but I can’t fault this beautiful season – especially when stories can come to life like these on a family outing.

Linking up with Fiona at Coombe Mill for the Country Kids feature. One of my favourite link ups and I love everything it stands for


Country Kids

9 thoughts on “The Gruffalo Trail at Alice Holt Forest

  1. chocolateandwineandillbefine

    I like winter! And I like the feeling of proper achievement when you do go out for the day (and earn that hot chocolate at the end of it)! It is a shame the official trails seem to have finished (they are close to me too or at least were when I last checked) but great that the statues are still in place! #countrykids


  2. Coombe Mill

    I love the Gruffalo trails, they’re perfect for bringing out kids imaginations as they explore nature. J looks like she had a fab time riding her bike around Alice Holt forest, definitely the perfect way to increase the pace on the way around. It’s great that there was the Gruffalo, the Gruffalo’s Child and Stickman to meet, so many fab childrens characters!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

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  3. Louise

    We did the Gruffalo trail in Alice Holt a couple of years ago but the Gruffalo’s Child and Stick Man sculptures are new additions since then! I think we shall have to make a return visit the next time I stay with my family in Hampshire. Looks like you had a lovely time exploring and finding the sculptures 🙂 #countrykids


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