Winter Mist {My Sunday Photo -8/1/17}

We decided to head out for a last minute walk /scoot just before 4pm on Saturday. It’s nice that the evenings are staying lighter but as we pulled up to the country park it started to rain. With waterproofs on we continued with our plan and on the way back to the car we came to this field

With the evening mist, rain and dark cloud it looked so spooky and atmospheric that I just had to take a photo. Winter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of my favourite seasons – for views like this, for the crisp, cold mornings it brings and the empty parks as dusk arrives

Linking with Darren at Photalife for My Sunday Photo


7 thoughts on “Winter Mist {My Sunday Photo -8/1/17}

  1. Emma T

    We prefer the other end of the day and getting out in the morning, but I think we do miss out on the afternoons. We always need to get back to do tea for the OH who’s always working and never comes out with us.

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