Not How We Expected New Year To Start {Ordinary Moments 7/1/17}

I’m not sure how many times I am going to have to retype 2016 to a 17 but here was another! I still keep getting confused by  the year we’re in and I’ve found myself questioning the day of the week even though work routines kicked in this week. Even though it was a short week I found it took forever for the weekend to get here but I am so glad it finally arrived

We saw New Year in with our very great friend RH in Crewe and drove back down south on New Years Day with a plan to give us Monday 2nd to recover before starting back at work on the Tuesday. Unfortunately plans don’t seem to work out for us and the week didn’t start as we had hoped. My parent’s dog was taken to an emergency appointment at the vets as she was incredibly poorly and as a result she is no longer with us, leaving us at a tender age of 7

SNOW 169


Monday afternoon an evening was as you can imagine; full of tears and it completely drained us all. Even though it is an animal and not a blood relation a dog really does become part of the family and there is now a gap in the house and atmosphere where she once was. None of us slept well that night and I started back at my weekday routine with a heavy heart and a sleepy head

Having to deal with a bereavement is hard, but it got much harder having to tell J and as a result Tuesday was a difficult day. I dreaded the working day finishing as it meant we had to sit her down and explain that Apple was no longer with us before heading to her nanny and granddads for dinner. She didn’t quite understand initially and looked a little confused, before continually asking to see her

Lexi got an extra special cuddle on the sofa and a sleep on the bed that night. She is about to turn 8 and the house is so empty without her when she stays with friends that I can’t bear to even consider thinking about that day. This weekend she will get an extra special walk with a little girl who adores her, even if we’re pretty certain Lexi continuously wonders when J is going and when peace will be restored!

This photo was taken exactly a year ago, I really love every element of it

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12 thoughts on “Not How We Expected New Year To Start {Ordinary Moments 7/1/17}

  1. squishedblueberries

    I’m so sorry, it must be so hard. I’m dreading the day our cars go and I’m not even particularly fond of them but they’ve been with us since the very beginning. It’s hard to explain death to kids but they are usually so accepting of these things, that usually helps me to accept and move on in a way. That last photo is beautiful by the way xx


  2. Donna

    Oh gosh, I am so so sorry. Losing a pet is so hard – for the whole family. We lost our cat about 18 months ago and I don’t think I will ever stop missing his furry little face. I hope you’re all ok – not a great start to the year! x


  3. mummydaddyme

    Oh I am so sorry, it is so unbelievably hard losing a pet. You are right they do become one of the family and it is so hard to say goodbye. Sending you lots of love. x


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