Tumbling Curls {Living Arrows 2017 – 9th January}

The rate that this girl is growing and the speed at which school is approaching makes me want to stop and savour every minute with her. I keep looking at her and wondering who this grown up child is, with these tumbling curls and beautiful blue eyes. To be honest I’d be quite happy for time to slow down right now and for school to hold off a little bit longer

I found the Living Arrows link up this week and realised it gives me the perfect opportunity to savour those precious moments and store my favourite photo of the week of her on my little online diary

She is so ready for school, she is so full of song, dance and energy, she is so funny and caring, she is full of corkscrew curls, she is J.


Linking with Donna for the first time for the Living Arrows link up

Living Arrows

13 thoughts on “Tumbling Curls {Living Arrows 2017 – 9th January}

  1. Donna

    She has the most gorgeous hair and that hat is so cute! She sounds like such a wonderful child – I think she’s the same sort of age as Troy, off to school in September. I’ll be lost then! x

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