Happy Birthday {Ordinary Moments 21/1/17}

I was reminded this week that 2 years ago I started my little online diary. My method to record memories through motherhood as a working mum of one. When I first started, I had a basic plan to store my photos and record the memories in text alongside them, 2 years on I am still enjoying it, the words have slowly appeared but still need some improvement, and I am continuing my quest to improve my photos on a day by day basis but I am happy with what I’ve recorded

Last year was a bit sporadic because of ill health and goings on, but I love coming here to retreat and record our moments as a family. I have found some amazing blogs which I read on a weekly basis, there are far too many to mention at once, but there are some with the most lovely family adventures, others which share the same outdoorsy ethics as me. I found a blog through Instagram, a similar working set up as me and with beautiful fashion, and another with the most amazing travel adventures and continuing stunning photography. Just a snapshot of the many, many blogs I read as part of my daily lunchtime activities – a new ordinary moment for me

In 2016 I explored Instagram and found this was soon my social media happy place. I absolutely love Instagram and seeing little snippets of everyone’s lives through it and  communicate regularly with people I have yet to meet but hope to this year – likeminded parents on a quest to store those moments as their children grown up so fast

I spent a proportion of the weekend looking through last year’s posts and photos, and while it didn’t initially feel like I completed or achieved a lot in the last 12 months, there are so many happy memories that I am able to look back on

I really am so proud to have completed 2 years of happy memories and so thankful that people continue to read and provide lovely comments, verbally or through here. To “celebrate”, here is my favourite photo from each of the last 12 months.

January 2016

We went for lots of walks in January and the bond between J and Lexi really started to shine through. She loves walking her, throwing the ball for her and feeding her (a little too much as by Christmas little Lexi was in need of a doggy diet!)

We went to a lambing day and watched in awe as the baby lambs arrivedand J also rode the biggest horse I have ever seen! She did it with such fearlessness and pride, and  there were tears in my eyes as I snapped away



J’s favourite colour is yellow and when I made her a yellow scarf it was like the most amazing thing in the world had been given to her. She wouldn’t take it off, and as the year went on it started to look worn and scruffy so another is on the list

We made several visits to hills, more lovely walks and we used our National Trust passes for the first time which was one of our best purchases in 2016 and we have continued with it this year



This month saw a trip to Centre Parcs, one of 3 trips there in 2016. You could say it’s our happy place to visit and we were excited to be there for a whole 5 days, giving us lots of great memories and time to relax. Of course, there were lots more walks and outings, and more opportunity to see J and her best pal get into mischief in puddles and with sticks

Mothers Day came and went in March and we spent a day at the farm with my mum which was a lovely experience. I made it my mission to get photos of us and mum, with me in them too, as they are few and far between

mothers - 6


A quest to find bluebells saw us travel quite a distance to find somewhere new which had been recommended by search engines and a resulted in a funny memory of us in a makeshift den after being caught in unexpected hail storm

April was another jam packed month, we visited Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World with my mother-in-law and I tried to be the “fun mum” that I so often feel I’m not due to stress and daily schedules that we face. We also visited our friends in York, and then Hastings, Bodium Castle and Corfe Castle in the following days – a mammoth 4 counties in 4 days!



This month involved a lot of ill health from my end and the first round of antibiotics for a what would seem to be a persistent chest infection. The hubster, trying to cheer me up towards the end of the antibiotics, took us to a field for a pizza dinner, where J and Lexi ran around carefree and happy

May saw J’s first ever festival, the day that cemented our plan to head to Camp Bestival in July and we made lots of memories with our family best friend who was to move ‘up north’ in June. I also made the hubster drive quite a distance to obtain a group photo in the South Downs in these beautiful yellow fields right at the end of May, when we were hopeful light was at the end of my illness tunnel

Yellow - 9


J had chickenpox and although she was pretty ill, she handled it like a pro. We also went for a family photo at some abbey ruins that involved a mad dash to the car due to a heavy downpour and hail. These family photos are something which I smile to look back on, and while they slowed in the latter half of 2016, it’s something I want to continue this year

Yellow - 5


I started to slow in my memory recording from here through to October, allowing for some big changes in health and home but I still picked up the camera even though I missed the words on here

Camp Bestival was quite possibly one of my favourite weekends, J was a pro all weekend in a tent, dancing along to music and soaking up the atmosphere throughout. It really was a brilliant weekend and something I hope to attend again in 2017



Days out and beach adventures underpinned August. There were so many beautiful, sunny days in August and some evenings involved a dash to the beach after picking up J from nursery, catching the last few rays of summer

We went to another festival, the hubster collected J in the early evening leaving me and some of the girls an opportunity to party and see Annie Mac, Travis, The Coral and the Editors which was fantastic and crossed a few more acts of my never ending list



In September I made the trip from Toronto to Rochester by car and back by myself which was daunting initially (165 miles each way) but it made for great memories and beautiful views of Lake Ontario, Lake Canandaigua and an obligatory stop at Niagra Falls. I will honestly never forget the breathtaking views as I drove over rainbow bridge and it just appeared from nowhere, pictures just simply don’t do it justice



My blogging mojo came back and I realised just how much I love this little space and how much I had missed writing in it. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons by far and 2016 gave the most spectacular light and colours wherever we went. We went conker hunting, woodland walks and found new areas we treasure and love

The main theme in October was pumpkins, hills and fancy dress. J became really excited about Halloween and we went trick or treating after a little party round ours with our cousin. We also managed to go sweetcorn picking, even in October there were still fresh, plump cobs available for picking



This is always a big month in our calendars and I struggled to choose just one. It was j and the hubsters birthdays, we went to Center Parcs Christmas Wonderland, we visited the tunnel of trees, went “up north” to see our friend and J learned to ride a bike. Quite simply, November was jam packed but the most amazing month

The photo that I just had to chose was this of my family, yet more Autumn sun and out with my mum and dad for a walk. Dad doesn’t come out for a walk with us very often (the last time being 2015) and J was so excited to show everyone her newfound riding skills that mum and dad had no choice but to come out and see. I took the opportunity to take some gorgeous sunny photos, and ones I will treasure for years to come



Another month in the calendar which was hectic as we started off on holiday and then the festivities began overnight. Christmas was just amazing, J really “got it” and has spent much of January making Christmas cards for people or if she can get some holly for a present for her best friend, not quite understanding that it’s another 11 months away

We also visited Mottisfont Abbey for the 12 Days of Christmas and had a lovely time together and watched the sunset whilst we were leaving, it really was a beautiful day out. We ended December with a trip to Alice Holt Forest involving a difficult bike ride and a visit to Liverpool and Delamere Forest, a perfect end to another year of recording memories


I love seeing my day to day activities and ordinary moments that make my life a little less ordinary on here – thank you for being part of it

Linking with Donna and Katie for the Ordinary Moments link up. Their blogs are an inspiration, so if you’ve never visited, head over now

The Ordinary Moments

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday {Ordinary Moments 21/1/17}

  1. squishedblueberries

    You take such wonderful photos and your sense of adventure always inspires me lovely lady. I have particularly enjoyed living vicariously through (and being secretly jealous of) your center parcs holidays last year. Please never stop recording your gorgeous family memories xx


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