Getting Back Into Routine {Ordinary Moments – 29/1/17}

This week was my first back at work after nearly a fortnight off. I’m still not 100% but bills have to be paid and there’s only so much you can handle of 4 walls and silence and I was desperate for some routine in my life, which is funny to write because I often hate routine

I can also say that nearly 3 weeks in my voice still isn’t quite back. I’m pretty used to it now but oh how I miss talking – it’s really not socially acceptable to be without a voice and literally everything is catered for talking people, even the gadgets the hubster has purchased for the house requires you to talk at it which can be a little frustrating at times

If I’m to be honest there are few photos from this week as each day I would come home and go to bed, even taking a half day to sleep through Thursday but I did capture some photos from the car in the week. Monday-Wednesday much of the south had been covered by frozen fog, which has made it very cold but gorgeous.

I love everything about winter and autumn and am so desperate to get out and about and explore all of the beauty this county and country has to offer us but I’m being patient for once


Come Friday I had agreed with the hubster that we would treat J to a takeaway and have a floor picnic in the lounge. Her absolute favourite thing is car picnics but as it’s a little cold we settled for indoors with a movie while she excitedly played with the toy and drank the milkshake that came with her meal. It really is the small moments like this that make the weeks of mundane activities worthwhile and I am so pleased to be back into some sort of routine.

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9 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Routine {Ordinary Moments – 29/1/17}

  1. Memeandharri

    Gosh just look at the fog!! It has been so cold this week hadn’t it? I’m usually all for getting out and about but I’ve been a little bit of a hermit of late! Hope you start feeling fully better soon lovely – look after yourself xx #ordinarymoments


  2. Carie

    It’s been incredibly foggy around us too – to the point that the novelty value has definitely started to wear off, but I can definitely sympathise with the need to be out and about in the fresh air – fingers crossed for some sunshine too and then you can go out not just for work!!


  3. mummydaddyme

    I am glad you are feeling a bit better but i am sorry you are not 100% still. That photograph her running through the fog is beautiful. I hope you feel completely better soon! x


  4. Donna

    No idea how I left that last comment with just an I in it 😉 I cannot wait until our extension is done and we can get back to normality and a sense of routine. Sorry you’re not 100% but I hope you’re back to normal soon x


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