Me and Mine {January 2017}

Last year I joined in with Me and Mine with a plan to have me in front of the camera and for us to have family portraits. I am so glad I joined this as even in the months when I couldn’t put the words together we still took a photo every month and I really enjoyed looking back on the year. We also have photos for the walls at home – something I’ve wanted to do since moving in 4.5 years ago

There’s been a lot of nasty bugs going around and we fell foul to them in January which meant we didn’t get out as much as we had originally hoped to but we still had some great family outings beforehand. Early on in the month I decided we would visit Godshill in the New Forest for a walk as we had been there once since our first outing with Lexi as a puppy. Not knowing what the winter weather would be like later in the month I decided to take a family photo as the views were gorgeous and although it wasn’t sunny it wasn’t raining which is always a bonus at this time of year!

We meandered along the route for a couple of hours and surprisingly for a January day it was pretty warm and we found ourselves taking layers off and even coats off before heading back to the car. Anyone who knows me knows that I love this gorgeous season for all it’s harshness, randomness and beauty. There may be dark evenings and mornings, but we are often treated to beautiful sunrises and sunsets, gorgeous scenes, frost, fog and hardly anyone out on a walk – what more can you ask for?


In January…


  • Really enjoyed visiting places we haven’t been to years in the New Forest and surrounding areas
  • Loved looking at the fog and interesting scenes it gave us when most of the south was covered
  • Appreciated mum looking after me and nursing me back to health when I was poorly, I’m not the easiest patient


  • Loved going out on his scooter with his mum and J on theirs too
  • Had a great time watching J on her bike at the New Forest and seeing Lexi run alongside her
  • Enjoyed having conversations about the future and making plans


  • Has done brilliantly at her swimming lessons and when asked said this was her favourite thing this month
  • Went to a lot of birthday parties and saw lots of friends
  • Enjoyed going out on her scooter and having great adventures


  • Enjoyed rolling around in everything she could find on her walks but did not enjoy the baths afterwards!

Ending with a little outtake while they played and waited for me to set the tripod up


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The Me and Mine Project

19 thoughts on “Me and Mine {January 2017}

  1. Lisa H

    Lovely photo and you are right, this season does bring some amazing things with it. I’ve actually quite enjoyed this January, which is a first for me. Looking forward to the warmer months though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy

    What a beautiful location for these family snaps hunny. I love the dog in there too. So cute. Glad swimming lessons are going well. It’s fab going back to places you haven’t been to in ears isn’t it? We do that and so great to make new memories there too. Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject


  3. Emmy - Misadventurous Mummy

    That’s a lovely photo, and that outtake is brilliant!
    I’ve never spent much time around the new forest area, but we want to see some new places this year so this may make the list as it looks gorgeous!
    Sorry to hear you’ve also fallen foul on the health front this January, we have all suffered!
    I look forward to future months!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    The New Forest looks absolutely beautiful, and that’s a lovely family shot! We’ve been there with you on the sickness front, it’s seemed like one bug after another in January. I’m like you too – a terrible patient! (Although my nursing skills aren’t much better either!)


  5. Clare Mansell (@maybushstudio)

    I have watched Me & Mine from the sidelines for about 3 years and struggled to get even a couple of photos a year of all of us, but I’m finally changing that this year and as you have said I think the rewards will pay off, though we might struggle to get our two dogs in the photo. They always manage to look the wrong way!


  6. Mary @TheHeartyLife

    awww lovely pics. The new forest is so beautiful and a place that holds fond memories for me as a kid. You are lucky to be so close! I have found January to be one of illness and misery too haha heres hoping for a joyful Feb! x #meandmine


  7. raisingtherings

    Gorgeous photo! January seems to have been full of bugs for everyone, us included. As much as I love the fogs, frosts and seriously beautiful sunrises, a bit of warm weather wouldn’t go amiss! I love the little outtake at the end x


  8. Louise

    Love that outtake photo! Those views are gorgeous and there are nice things about January – the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are one of my favourite things about this time of year too. Hope February is free of all the winter bugs! #meandmineproject


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