A Yellow Coat {Ordinary Moments 5/2/17}

It’s no secret that J’s favourite colour is yellow. I’ve written about her yellow car game, her yellow scarf that I made her and this week it’s about a new yellow coat. I find my daughter fascinating, the fact that she loves the most simple of things and that something so small can make her day, her week or even her month

This week we had popped to the shops to get her some essentials as she has had yet another growth spurt – I’m sure someone told me that past the age of 2 she would slow down but this really hasn’t been the case, in fact it feels like she is growing faster!

Whilst there we walked past the most gorgeous yellow coat and our eyes were drawn to it wondering if J would also spot it – it wasn’t long before it found it’s way onto her. The rate she is growing we decided to opt ever so slightly bigger then she currently is, so hopefully she’ll get a bit of wear later in the year as well as now

If I’m to be honest we all fell in love with it but she just wouldn’t take it off. She marched proudly to the till, wearing the hood up like an eskimo and then refusing to have it packed into a bag, wearing it like there was a blizzard as we walked through the shop

Aside from going to nursery she has worn it on every outing this past week and it has kept her really warm and brightened up our grey skies. It came back pretty brown after a dog walk yesterday but that’s what being a kid is all about isn’t it?


I have to say I am a little envious – she wears bold colours so well, and I just wish I could carry it off as well as she does. I love this girl and her love for all things yellow
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