The Girls {Ordinary Moments 19/2/17}

At school I had a small group of friends which was always a mixture of male and females and my current profession isn’t a stereotypical female one, I deal with engineers, facilities and projects on a daily basis which I love but historically this has always been a ‘mans world’. While females are becoming ever more present it was less so in my twenties and the girly groups of gossip, hair and nails at work weren’t really something I found myself doing

Fast forward to motherhood and as a new mum I didn’t get the ‘mum gang’ that so many people developed through antenatal classes and things like baby sensory. Quite simply because I couldn’t build up the courage to meet new people or let them see me in the cloud of darkness over me in my depths of postnatal depression


As I entered my thirties I have realised I now have an amazing group of girls in my life who I adore and are my best friends. They have been formed from key moments in my life, from school, college, work and even my family but after years of not really having an all female friendship I now have one. Through various trips away and evenings out we now sit and chat and laugh like everyone has known each other forever

It’s become a rarity that we all meet up without a child, partner or dog in tow but when we do it’s like we never spent any time apart. You know the best friends are the ones you can go without seeing for days, months or years, but you still laugh, talk and pick up like you only saw each other 5 minutes ago

The other night we all met for dinner and to see a certain raunchy film that was being released and we honestly could have skipped the film and sat at dinner for hours laughing, chatting and joking

There’s SS, who I met at school 20 years ago when I moved into a new area and we just clicked. We’ve shared road trips, holidays and so many drunken memories in our teens and early twenties. I know I can sit in comfortable silence with this lady or laugh until our sides hurt through the silliest of things


I met CJ when I was sporting a black eye on my first day at college 16 years ago and she’s my cool, quirky friend who would do anything for anyone and would stand up for you in any situation (for info the black eye was from me hitting a bunk bed!)

LT is actually my cousin, but since our teens we have become close friends and I see her on an almost daily basis, her little girl and J adore each other and get on like sisters

I have known RH since 2011 but she knows me inside and out and is like a second sister to me. She now lives 200 miles which is so hard as I don’t get to see her very often and I miss being able to see her every day

And then there’s my little sister and who I would literally do anything for, we speak on the phone a lot as work and home life often get in the way but I know she’ll be there at the drop of a hat if I need her

These girls, we laugh until our sides hurt, we speak on the phone so very often and we should see each other more than we do. The girls who have been there through thick and thin for me, the ones who have my back no matter what, and the ones who love me for who I am, my faults, my love and my quirks.


The Ordinary Moments

7 thoughts on “The Girls {Ordinary Moments 19/2/17}

  1. Donna

    It’s so nice when you have friends who know you so well, understand you and just ‘get’ you. Your girls look like a pretty great bunch! I wish I had more ‘real life’ friends like them in my life! x


  2. mummydaddyme

    Aw what a lovely post and it sounds like you have some great women in your life. I wish I had this a bit more, I have lots of lovely friends, in fact I am going out to see that raunchy film tonight with my NCT friends, but I have friends from all different places – e.g baby, uni or blogging and so no core group if that makes sense! x


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