Adventures in Richmond Park {Ordinary Moments 26/2/17}

We have always been an outdoorsy family, we love nothing better than to put our wellies and walking shoes on and go and visit the great outdoors. We often find that when one of us is ill or overloaded we all get a little stir crazy through not being able to roam around as much as normal and after a rough January we’ve been desperate to get back to what we love doing

The last week or so has had some interesting weather but for the most part it’s been glorious and we have decided to make some more memories and have some much needed family adventures. On one of the most gorgeous days we have had this year we visited Richmond Park for the first time for a picnic, to explore and to add another location to the places we’ve visited

It was a bit of a drive and I had a few sat nav mishaps, but we had a good talk in the car, played some number games and when we got there J managed to cycle a couple of miles on her bike. She’s really getting good on her set of wheels and it was so nice to see her go ‘off road’ so to speak


Those of you who have been to Richmond Park will know about the deer that you can see throughout the area without them running off. Respecting these beautiful animals means that we stayed at a distance and used the long lens on the camera although some people kept getting very close and they became spooked on more than one occasion which was sad to see as they’re very timid

After explaining to J why she needed to stay calm and away from them she stayed with me, holding hands and loudly whispering to us to keep quiet –  even hiding behind the tree so that she didn’t scare them when she took a photo with my camera


Having spent a few years mastering the settings on my camera I took these in full manual and used my own judgement on exposure rather than using the light meter with very little editing afterwards. I love how the clouds made some photos atmospheric when they appeared and others glow in the beautiful sunshine

I’ll let the photos of our day do the talking, but it really was a lovely adventure and I am so glad the horrible winter bugs have left our house and we get to experience days like this once more

She looks a lot closer than she actually was here but she was stood watching them for ages


I stood behind a tree for a while waiting for this stag to turn round. Everything just happened perfectly and I adore this shot

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The Ordinary Moments

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Richmond Park {Ordinary Moments 26/2/17}

  1. Mary @TheHeartyLife

    Fantastic pics – good job! I think things like this are worth travelling a bit further for too… It looks a lovely day! We love to be outdoors and have some fresh air and be free. I love to feel closer to God and been in nature does that for me x #ordinarymoments


  2. Donna

    Richmond Park and Bushy Park were places I spent most of my youth and always loved the deer. It’s such a beautiful place but I haven’t been in years – I’m impressed with your photos, I’m yet to even think of using manual! x


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