My Family Adventures {February 2017}

And just like that we are at the end of February. Time needs to slow down for me as J starts school in  September and whilst she is ready for it I’m not sure I am just yet. Our family is complete but I was looking back at her baby photos this week (as you do) and wondered where on earth those 4 years have gone

This is my second month of linking with #MyFamilyAdventures hosted by KA on the Life as Our Little Family blog and Instagram community. I loved linking up in January and having a round up of my favourite photos from the month, they may be the ones that make their way into the end of year photo album…

February has been spent enjoying life again after a very rough start to the year health-wise. It wasn’t perfect to begin with as my car wasn’t too nice to me and broke down on the way to a trip to Kent and little Lexi has been on antibiotics, but that hasn’t stopped us enjoying our time off together too much. We are still working up to what we describe as ‘normal’ for adventures, activities and outings but we’ve had some great memories this month

We visited the National Trust Devils Punchbowl in Surrey and it was just the most perfect day. I know we are still technically in the midst of winter but it felt like spring was in the air and we didn’t need coats. In fact despite it being mid February we could have easily sat for a picnic had I not left the food in the car. We love it here and it’s only a short drive away in neighbouring Surrey



Another National Trust visit was to our much loved Mottisfont Abbey right at the beginning of the month. I was still struggling to walk far with my chest but we had a great outing, and it was the perfect start to the month. We also got a family photo of the three of us that will be printed and hung on the wall as I simply adore it


The hubster and I had a child free visit to Bath mid Feb, it’s always been somewhere I’ve wanted to go to and I’ve never really known why but my goodness it didn’t disappoint. It was only a whirlwind trip as Lexi was still poorly but next time we’ll stay over and I’ll get to see more of this gorgeous city

We’ve realised that this year we need to make time for ourselves as individuals and as a couple as well as having quality family unit time and Bath will be on our list as mine and his place. I’ve also decided to try and embrace my curls as I often talk about how amazing J’s are whilst mine are shoved back in a ponytail – wish me luck!


Winter walks are a favourite of mine – I love crisp skies, chilly noses and rosy cheeks, and seeing how different places look in this harsh season. In February we  decided to go and feed the ducks whilst J wore her new yellow coat and despite the seagulls driving us a little bit mad it was a lovely trip out. We also visited some lakes we haven’t been to for years, not since we moved away from the city but we will definitely head back in the summer to see the difference


There are many things that I love to do which involve the outdoors. Sitting by the water watching the sun go down on a great or horrid day, throwing stones in and watching the ripples, taking in the atmosphere of the beautiful sky in the morning or evening is one of those things. One evening we decided to have an impromptu visit to the beach and watching the colours change in the sky and having the sense of calm all around us  was the perfect end to our day and quite fitting for the week we had experienced


I just had to share this photo to finish my post as towards the end of the month we drove to Richmond Park for a day out, a bike ride and a picnic, and to see the deer that roam around freely.  Whilst they are used to people they still are wary  so I sat behind a tree waiting for the stag to turn around and to take my photo

As soon as I took this I knew it was  ‘the one’ of the month for me, quite possibly of the year (although we still have 10 months left!) My photos are taken using my iPhone, bridge camera or my dSLR, and whenever I use my dSLR the photo will be in full manual mode (shutter speed, ISO, aperture and manual focus) as I’ve practised a lot and self taught over the last few years – this photo is the result.

I am honestly so proud of this shot – the perfect end to the perfect month. I have loved every outing we have had and this round up hopefully echoes my feelings of love for February

Image 48.jpg

March is going to be busy for us, I am off ‘up north’ child free to see my friend for the weekend and J has back to back birthday parties already booked in. I also have an audit taking place at work meaning  I won’t get one of my Wednesdays with her and I’ll be working long days and evenings, but it’s okay as right at the end of the month we will be away in Devon for a much needed family holiday and Mothers Day. I hope March brings you all wonderful things, memories and adventures.

Do pop over to KA’s blog and see what she has been getting up to in February

life as our little family


11 thoughts on “My Family Adventures {February 2017}

  1. traceycwilliams

    I saw your picture of the stag when you shared it on instagram and no wonder you are proud of it. What a beautiful shot, and love your photos of the beach with the sunset. Funnily enough I have written about our break away to Bath and shared it on Kerri-Anns linky, which I am joining in with for the first time. How beautiful is Bath, and I love your shots of the Weir as I took some pictures but from the other side of the bridge. Hubby and I are desperate to sneak off for a child free weekend later on in the year, as we have fallen in love with Bath. Love your curls by the way #MyFamilyAdventures x


  2. theladybirdsadventures

    I love the stag photo and the sunset looks beautiful. Bath is on my list of places I’d like to visit too. My youngest is only 8 months but I can imagine when she is older we’ll go on weekends away just me and my husband. You’re right it’s so important. #myfamilyadventures


  3. lifeasourlittlefamily

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE all your photos – where to start. The stag of course, but also the sunset and lets not forget the 2nd photo of your girl looking out. She looks so tiny in such a vast space. And lastly what a gorgeous family photo, definitely one for the wall. I know what you mean about enjoying the days out, even if just for a couple of hours I just love to escape. I’m glad to hear you are all slowly on the mend and once again thank you for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures – we’ll be back on March 26th x x


  4. otisandus

    What absolutely beautiful photos, the photo of the stag and those sunsets really are beautiful! I am sorry that your little one has been poorly, we are having much the same in our household.. probably since Christmas! Thanks for sharing #MyFamilyAdventures xx


  5. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy

    What a beautiful post of your family adventures in february. I love it. We have been mostly celebrating half term with just me and my eldest but love seeing the whole month of photos of your outings here. They are gorgeous. I will be better prepared next month for sure. #myfamilyadventures


  6. Four Acorns

    Beautiful photos throughout – I really like the stag, of course, and the family portrait, the wooden beams in the background frame it so nicely. What a busy month you’ve had! I remember visiting Bath for my birthday many years ago (we lived in London at the time), and I was totally awed by it. No wonder you want to go back!
    PS I love the name of your blog 🙂


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