Me and Mine {February 2017}

Month two and the shortest of the year has been and gone in a flash. We have been outdoors more, enjoying the frost at the beginning of the month and the feeling of spring approaching as the weather has got warmer towards the end of the month

February has been both quiet and busy in equal measure but it’s been so nice to get out and about again, I really have missed exploring this beautiful country and everything it has to offer us

Towards the end of the month we decided to take a trip to the Devils Punchbowl in Surrey and a muddy dog and 3.5 miles later we finished. J was a trooper and walked the whole lot without complaining once, we actually didn’t realise how far we had walked until we checked our pedometer! In fact J was so tired come Monday she actually napped at nursery which is practically unheard of and we felt a little guilty

These photos weren’t planned as we already had some from our trip at the beginning of the month but Lexi wasn’t in them. As silly as it sounds I wanted her to be a part of this month as early on she had some bleeding where she shouldn’t have, and at one point we were told by the vet it was 50-50 as to whether she had an infection or something more sinister. I’m grateful our furry friend ‘only’ had a water infection, we’re just not ready for anything else, especially after losing my mums at the start of the year

These photos make me smile every time I look at them, my camera was perched on the bag, the dog ran off and wouldn’t play ball, J dropped my camera onto the floor after pressing the button and running back to us (she likes to set it for a photo to play a part) and in the end a really nice man who had been sat smiling and watching us with his family took the last photo for us

As always, they’re perfect for the imperfections and have given me the best memories whilst trying to capture the moments with my family



  • Took quite possibly my favourite photo of the year of the stags in Richmond Park
  • Adored visiting Bath and seeing the architecture, beautiful rivers and the rooftop spa
  • Enjoyed watching the Brit Awards (my guilty pleasure) and getting so excited that I booked a couple of festivals to visit with family and friends

The hubster…

  • Loved visiting Bath for the first time and finding a special place just for us
  • Enjoyed visiting Mottisfont Abbey for the first time in a few months and being our usual selves for the first time in a few weeks after ill health dominated January
  • Is pleased the evenings are getting lighter as it brings more possibilities for weeknight adventures


  • Had a great time at ‘the biggest trampoline world’ with daddy and nanny
  • Loves her new yellow coat we picked up at the beginning of the month (the colour was a risk but it’s stood the test of an outdoorsy child so far)
  • Is pleased mummy is mostly back to normal as it means she’s had lots of walks and adventures with Lexi


  • Was a bit poorly to begin with but has made a good recovery and had the biggest rawhide bone for her birthday mid-month

2 outtakes for this month, one of J and the hubster waiting for me to balance the camera, and the photo J took after she set the timer, dropped my camera and had run back to us!


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The Me and Mine Project

6 thoughts on “Me and Mine {February 2017}

  1. Carie

    They’re smashing shots, especially the out takes which made me giggle, and I love that you waited for Lexi to be in them – definitely part of your Me and Mine 🙂


  2. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Gorgeous photos – such a perfect backdrop! I was hoping your Feb photos would be here when I saw you’d made a trip – the backdrop is just stunning! Glad to hear Lexi is all fine – she looks so happy in these photos too! #meandmineproject


  3. Louise

    Lovely photos of the four of you together. I used to drive past the Devil’s Punchbowl on my way to visit my family in Hampshire and I keep meaning to go for a walk there at some point. Such a lovely location for your photos. So glad to hear that Lexi is better and that it was just a water infection that made her poorly. #meandmineproject


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