A Grown Up Bedroom {Ordinary Moments 12/3/17}

When you get a phone call when you’re 200 miles away asking what colour you want the bedroom painting (completely out of the blue) you tend to panic and wonder what on earth you’ll be coming back to. I’ve been moaning about the upstairs of our house for a long time and the hubster had decided my weekend away with my best friend was one where he would redecorate it and surprise me

We privately rent our 3 bed house, we’re saving to buy at the moment but we didn’t make the right choices in our twenties in terms of saving to buy -vs- renting, and as as such pay good money to effectively live in someone else’s house. It’s funny, when you live in a house full of magnolia and worry about putting pictures on the wall or changing carpets you struggle to make it your own and feel like you’re still a student and not the thirty-something you actually are

Simple things like this tend to take their toll and after 4.5 years in this house I was becoming desperate for a change of scenery. It turns out all was needed was a lick of paint, and a much needed declutter upstairs. 200 miles away with a bit (a lot) of apprehension I picked a pastel colour as requested and he set to work

Mentally I decided that green, grey and white would be the new theme for our room, and to add some of those many photos I take to the walls to add the finishing touches. In my refusal over the last decade to put pictures on the walls and make holes I hadn’t realised the adhesive industry has expanded and now you can now get a variety of adhesive picture hooks (who knew?) so we wouldn’t make holes in the walls whilst making it ours

After travelling back, a day at work and a snoop round Ikea for frames and a candle purchase I was finally allowed back in our new bedroom and my house. There were tears, cuddles, and a very excited and proud J dragging me from room to room. She showed me her sofa that she’d had moved from her bedroom to the spare room for me to sit on in my new office, another room they had painted and cleared whilst I was away

I absolutely adore our bedroom, it’s finally a room I feel like a grown up in. A room that reflects us, feels like ours and one where I feel comfortable and want to sit in and not just sleep in, get up and go in the morning (also not forgetting how easy it is to revert back to original magnolia when needed)

It’s amazing what a few licks of paint, a change of curtains, plants, bedding and some photo frames do. And it’s amazing what someone can do for you in a weekend – he rallied round, got my mum involved (who is a machine when it comes to decorating and used her holiday time to help) and not forgetting my little J who was instrumental in helping with a roller and paint in our bedroom

For now, for our current house, it’s perfect, and I’m so very grateful.


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