Dreams {Living Arrows 2017 – 13/3/17}

Over the last few months J’s dreams have become more vivid, some good, some bad. The bad ones wake her up in tears and there’s no real theme to them, just her imagination running wild at night

Because they are so vivid she’s convinced they will happen so after a very early wake up call one morning I promised her we would make a dream catcher, explaining that they wouldn’t stop her dreams – instead they would catch the bad ones and prevent them from becoming real – letting the good ones happen and pass through

This weekend she needed something to focus her attention as she was pretty wired and so we set about making her a dream catcher. Unfortunately in the midst of the clear out last weekend the craft box had gone missing so we made do with a shop bought melon pot and some old wrapping paper

We sat and had a chat over some home made chocolate cakes (cue grubby mouth) about how we would do it and she then sat intently, cutting away with the ‘grown up scissors’ and sticking the paper to the newly created circle, before fetching some hair bobbles so that we could hang it on the hook above her bed

It’s amazing what you can do with no little craft kit and a bit of imagination, craft is definitely not my strong point at the best of times regardless! Who knows if it will work, but she went to bed happy on Sunday night with it hanging above her head…fingers crossed for pleasant dreams this week


Linking with Donna for the Living Arrows feature

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Dreams {Living Arrows 2017 – 13/3/17}

  1. Donna

    I love this. Such a simple idea to make bedtime more enjoyable for her and not a scary prospect. I love that you craft together too – it’s something I really must do more of x


  2. tobygoesbananas

    What a lovely idea – I do hope it helps. We’ve just had to introduce some ‘monster spray’ before bedtime as Toby was waking up scared of the monsters he could hear in his bedroom. It seemed to work last night so I’m hoping we’ve found the answer for now. #LivingArrows


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